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  1. Chris Robbins
    Chris Robbins
    I have a Rogers 4 piece kit that I like to know more about.
  2. murphdrums
    murphdrums ncdrumr
    howdy, just came across your 19" Armand ride with rivets. i noticed you might live in north carolina? i live near chapel hill. depending where you're located and if still available, i'd be interested in checking it out! thanks and lmk.
  3. Spongebob
    Spongebob retrosonic
    interested in red sparkle bass drum. pics and details and price please
  4. mewing
    mewing lossforgain
    Based upon all the ads I see where the seller puts SOLD in the body rather than the heading. You might change your heading from "Sellers, we need your help, please" to "Sellers, put SOLD in your heading, please" That way, people who just see the heading at the top of the page will see what to do without opening and reading the post. I find that many people only skim, and miss a lot of content. Just a thought.

    1. lossforgain
      Thanks Monty, we will try it!
      Feb 20, 2019 at 4:18 PM
  5. BBeyer
    BBeyer ConvertedLudwigPlayer
    What are you looking to get for that 12" roto? as long as all of the pieces are there, I dont care about replacing tension rods or the head etc
  6. digitalmarketing
  7. Swamptrashstompboxes
  8. Swamptrashstompboxes
  9. Fifty9Dunes
    Fifty9Dunes Ludwig1
    Hello! Can you send me a quick pic? I'm interested! Thanks!

    Sorry this is in regards to the Ya my pedal you have listed!
  10. Yamaha Chrome
    Yamaha Chrome
    Playing 39 yo chrome Yamahas.
  11. snappy
    snappy cplueard
    A few questjons...
    1.)The metal rod acts as a spur and holds the bass drum in place ok?
    2.) The 12" tom has no mounting device of any kind and one will be needed?
    3.) The bearing edges are not damaged?
    4.) Any partial trades? Paiste, zildjian, snares?
    I am interested.
  12. APelletier
    APelletier Drumbelly
    Just curious what you'd want for the 2002 11" splash?
  13. Funklin D. Roosevelt
    Funklin D. Roosevelt
    Gimme two sticks and a flat surface and I'm golden.
  14. alanolynn
    Balls. It's cold as balls.
  15. Funklin D. Roosevelt
    Funklin D. Roosevelt forumtech
    Hello DFO administration guru. I had an old account that I used for years, but I couldn't remember the login because I hadn't used it in awhile. I made a new account. Can I transfer the old XP to a new account? Thanks.
  16. Jimyc
    Jimyc SlingyFan
    you had some items listed for sale a while back , anything avail?
  17. rayboomboom
    rayboomboom jaymandude
    Hi Jay,
    I have 2 of these I bought used back in the 80's from a friend of mine. I still gig with them, great stands. I don't have a use for the second top piece though. How much for just the stand and shipped to 87571?
  18. Drumguy2
    Drumguy2 Snooter
    Snooter, my name is Russ and I am new to this forum as well as to playing high end German made Sonor drums. After reading your post, I think you and I may have the same kit. I have been playing Yamaha BCA recently, and just scored an 8 piece s classix in maple finish. The sizes are 8 10 12 14 16 20 22 and 5x14. All I can is, WOW!! In my opinion, there’s no comparison to the BCAs.
    1. Snooter
      Russ, we do have same set except you have a 20 and 22. I only have a 22. Playing the S-Classix are truly awesome drums that never let you down. Enjoy them and congrats on a great set with an amazing finish as well. Grained maple looks incredible. Would love a 13 tom and 24 kick to have around. Thanks for reaching out. Take care
      Feb 19, 2019 at 2:09 PM
  19. ThomFloor
    doing grooves that move and fills with no frills
  20. MasterBlaster