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The challenge - the smallest usable electronic drum kit

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There have been many threads about electronic kits, but this one has a twist - what would you suggest as the smallest easily portable kit where you can legitimately practice with it.   To be legit, it needs:


- Small pads - not those table top toy mats


- Responsiveness - so that you can actually practice doubles and jazz buzzes on the pad


- Enough pads to have SD, BD pedal, HH pedal, Tom, Ride, Crash


- Doesn't sound like junk, but doesn't need to be the greatest sounds either - as long as it responds properly.


Ok, place your bids.  

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  • Smallest? Aerodrums
  • Next smallest? Korg Cliphit, or am I being silly?  (I have used one of these for some rehearsals!)
  • Cheap small multipad - Alesis SamplePad Pro + Hat control + Kick pedal.  Problems with crosstalk, though,
  • Smallest real "pro" option? Yamaha DTX Multi12 + HH65 + KU100 - smallest quality allrounder - I use this most often as a small in-a-bag option for rehearsals to full gigs..   

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Kick: Roland KD7 https://goo.gl/images/qcYrd3
HH: Roland FD7 https://images-na.ss...wyL._SY355_.jpg
HH #2: VH11 (look it up, be easier)
Snare: Roland PD10 https://goo.gl/images/PnYhVn
Cymbals: CY12/14
Module: TD8/10/12/20 heck, even a TD6v would meet your basic criteria.

You could put all of that in a single bag with a lightweight hardware pack like the one from DW.

Note: most of what I suggested is yesterdays news, but can be picked up in great condition and relatvely cheap compared to the newest edrum gear....
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Thinking about the same idea.  A setup like the dw practice kit, where everything's mounted to a single folding stand.  But not made for a child like the low end roland's seem to be.  And ideally you don't have to disconnect much to transport it. 

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Not really a traditional kit but you can add bass drum and a snare drum pads to a Roland Octapad and then the cymbals and toms (or whatever sounds you want) are on the octapad. That would be about as compact as you could get. 


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