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OT hurricane Florence

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Same here Amy...bright and sunny and heat index almost 100! Spent all day doing post Hurricane cleanup in the yard. Whew. Could have been so much worse though.


Good to hear from several of you. Hang in there.

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I’m safe in Wilson NC. Water everywhere. 2” in my shop....I consider myself very fortunate. East of me is devastated. Stay safe eastern NC!!

Good to hear from you and glad you weren't flooded worse. I lost everything in Wilma. Had saltwater up to the doorknobs inside the house and up to the windshield on my truck. I feel for anyone that has to go through it cause I know firsthand that it really sucks.


You lost everything in Wilma? I was on high ground on the oceanside but know several friends who got waterlogged. Personally, I think Wilma was the worst storm in the Keys since I have been here. Seems like it affected almost everyone who lived on the bayside.


I was in a ground level house on Little Torch bayside. Wilma was a weak cat 3 as it passed just north of us. The storm was all but over when the storm surge brought a wall of water surging through. We were flooded up to the doorknobs. I lost everything I owned including about 5k in gear and my pickup truck, which went under up to the windshield. When the water reached the battery, the headlights, wipers, and horn all turned on by themselves. It was very strange watching a steady stream of floating debris flowing through the yard and out to sea. The cleanup lasted for months.
The Keys generally don't flood because unlike the mainland, the water usually just flows around the islands. Wilma was a very rare case where the storm was pushing so much water all at once that it covered the islands. I talked to old timers who had lived there since the 50's and they had never seen it flood like that. The water receded within a few hours, but the damage was already done.
I know a lot of people will be flooded out by Florence. I don't wish it on my worst enemy.


I remember well. I lived on Adams cut at the time and the waterripping so fast through the cut (constant outgoing) for a few days that it had some whitecaps as Wilma inundated everyone on the Bayside. I got a new transmission out of that storm and and lot of work repairing docks and homes.

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