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Fun 2 Drum

Fun 2 Drum

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Not exactly low-mass, but unique floor tom legs

01 February 2018 - 06:23 AM

I don't usually post CL pictures for forum entertainment but I thought this one was quite interesting.





Happy Birthday MLayton!

11 December 2017 - 07:05 PM


I hope you've been having a great birthday.  I almost didn't notice it in the birthday notification window.  You've once again caught up to my age! 


I also want to take this opportunity to publicly thank you for making so many contributions over the years to all of us on the forum.  You rock!

Something I appreciate about DFO members

04 November 2017 - 05:53 AM

I've noticed that some internet forums are chock full of new members asking a question, only to get an immediate response that doesn't answer their question but tells them to do a search.  I don't see that often at all here.  If a search is suggested it's usually accompanied with an answer and/or a helpful link to an existing thread that has some useful information.  I just wanted to call attention to something I see as very positive here on DFO.  You guys are great - thanks for making this forum so good.  

SOLD Ludwig Atlas Arch and Atlas Cymbal Tilter with Atlas Mounts and 12mm Rod

13 August 2017 - 06:01 AM

It's everything you need to add an Atlas Arch and cymbal arm to your bass drum without any drilling.  I used these for a couple of years on a bass drum that never left my house, so they're in absolutely excellent condition.  For just $100.00 you get:


1. Atlas Arch and the two Atlas mounts required to mount it.  (Note: I have a third Atlas Mount you can have for an additional $20 if you need it for a tom.)


2. Atlas Aerodyne long cymbal tilter or Atlas Classic telescoping cymbal tilter (your choice) with one Atlas mount and a short 12mm rod.  You could also add $20 to the total and get both cymbal tilters.  (FYI, the Aerodyne is a bit lower than the Classic telescoping stand at its lowest level.)


I would prefer to sell all of the above as one package.  If you must only have one or the other, then I will split it up for $75 each for your choice of #1 or #2 as listed above.  


All prices include shipping within the continental USA.  


Pictures are coming.