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In Topic: Rock and Roll Hall of Shame Nominations

11 October 2017 - 04:57 AM

Sister Rosetta and Link Ray should absolutely be recognized for their important contributions to rock & roll music.


So should Di ck  Dale.

In Topic: On the road with Violent Femmes in October

08 October 2017 - 06:27 AM

I was in Home Depot yesterday to buy a new spray attachment for our kitchen sink.  Even though it's getting late in the season, they still had a couple of Weber char grills set up on the floor.  So I rapped on one with my hands for a short while. (silly me, it didn't cross my mind to bring a pair of brushes to Home Depot with me).  I noticed the rattling sound of the lid ... is that the desired effect ?    Or do you put some tape or foam between the grill and the lid ?  Do you do any prepping or modding to your grill beforehand, or do you just play it au naturale ?

In Topic: Bodhran workshops at the Ligonier Highland games this Saturday

23 September 2017 - 05:51 AM

I am of course familiar w/ bodhran in Irish/Celtic music.  Did the instrument play a role in traditional Scots music as well ?

In Topic: Rivet "Theory"

20 September 2017 - 07:13 AM

I play with brushes in a group w/ acoustic stringed instruments, and I think rivets are essential for me, if I want to incorporate cymbal(s) into our mix.  I prefer a symmetric arrangement over an asymmetric cluster. I have cymbals with 3 or 4 rivets evenly-spaced around the circumference, and they have worked out well for me and what I do.


But for the last year, the main cymbal that I use is the result of a surprisingly successful experiment.


I bought a Zildjian 16" Fast Crash of Ebay, that had been cracked, and had been cut down to 13" by the folks at Saluda Cymbals.  I drilled 6 holes into it, straight across the diameter, and installed brass split rivets (the kind that look like paper fasteners). I haven't seen rivets arranged like that before, but I wanted to try it.     I got pretty much what I had been seeking: a crash/ride optimal for brush-playing in a bluegrass (-ish) band !   Nice sustain, bright sound, cuts though without over-powering the other instruments (or startling the geezers in my band, when I give it a good whack).



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In Topic: another gigging gripe

20 September 2017 - 05:48 AM

Update on last Saturday.  I arrived in Saratoga 2 hours before our start time.  I pulled immediately into the parking garage across the street from the park where we were going to play.   There was just one open space in that garage, so I grabbed it, and carried my stuff over to the park in two trips.   There were signs everywhere in that parking garage specifying a 2 hour limit.  I didn't see any cameras or official-looking people keeping track of who's coming & going, and hoped maybe they were unofficially relaxing the 2 hour limit due to the big Arts Festival that was going on.  There was no way they could tow a car out of there, but I didn't want to get a ticket either.  I left a note on my dash that said "musician - performing in park today".  Not sure that would make any difference, but there was no ticket on my car after we finished playing.   Maybe I'll still get one in the mail.  Hope not.


A few guys in the band who showed up closer to showtime did not fare so well.  They dropped their stuff off, and then spent a half hour looking for a place to park and then walk back.... arriving just in time for a soundcheck and then we began.   


It was a very hot, sunny humid day, and we had to play in direct sunlight with no overhead cover.  You can see the sweat stains on my shirt ...yech.  With the parking-related stress and aggravation, and the heat and discomfort... we really didn't play our best, and we all acknowledge that. We strive to be 'professional', but we're only human.    If we get offered to play this event next year, we will turn it down.  


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It is a very pretty park, though.