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another gigging gripe

15 September 2017 - 05:37 AM

Not the first time this for this.    We get an email from the promoter of the event... the people who have hired us to play... with some useful information about the gig, and forewarning us that parking will likely be a bitch, and that we are basically on our own as far as that's concerned.   You know ... as opposed to "we are setting aside a designated parking area for performers".  



I've been a ham my whole life... never suffered from any kind of stage fright, ever.  I don't worry if it is getting close to soundcheck and someone in the band hasn't shown yet.  I'm not nervous about performing new material that we haven't rehearsed as much as we should have.  Etc., etc.  The only thing that ever causes me any stress and anxiety before a job is being able to load in and find a place to park.   Ugh.



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met a DFO member on the Cape, last week

06 September 2017 - 05:01 AM

My wife and I were vacationing on Cape Code last week.  Whenever we travel, I always bring along my
mini travel banjo, some harmonicas and various small percussion instruments.   I never know what sort of
musical situation I'll manage to stumble and/or insinuate myself into, but I usually succeed in doing so.
Such was the case last Thursday evening, at a place in Provincetown, where I played spoons and minstrel bones with Chandler Travis and friends, for a few numbers.  Doing a great job on stripped down drum set was our friend Jerome ("sonorholic") .  Interesting material with odd twists.  Hope I did alright, I appreciate a good rhythmic challenge.
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Craft Brewery gig(s)

18 June 2017 - 07:48 AM

We played three sets Friday night, at the Wolf Hollow Brewery, in West Glenville, NY.   Our first brewery gig.  Hopefully they hire us back again .... and we are going to look into booking at other brewery/taprooms in the area (there are quite a few).   All of these craft breweries are stepping up their destination game, with food, special events and live music.   Wolf Hollow is not bottling their product and competing for shelf space.  They sell kegs directly to bars and restaurants, but mostly focus on getting people to come to their taproom.  The beer is excellent..  I enjoyed a Czech style pilsner and an IPA.... I could have drunk a lot more - free beers for the band -- but of course I had to play music and drive my ass home, so 2 was my limit.   There was a large crowd there, young folks and older folks, and very appreciative to us.  This place mostly books acts along the bluegrass/Americana/acoustic rock line ... so we were a perfect fit.  They paid us pretty well.   Maybe more $$ for us if we come back again.   They set the stage up right in front of the big shiny beer tanks--- how cool is that ?!


Have any of you been playing craft breweries in your necks of the woods ?  Could be lucrative ... look into it, if you haven't already


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Gig with partial band

22 April 2017 - 07:26 AM

Thursday night was our monthly restaurant gig at LT's Grill, in Niskayuna NY.  Our mandolin player had to go out of town on personal business and our fiddler was in bed with a cold, so we had to do the gig as a 4-piece, with little preparation.


It went pretty well.  We played looser than usual....  more rock-&-roll (-ish), maybe ?  Relaxed and kind of just winging the arrangements.   It was nice to know we can pull this off if we ever need to again.   


Did you ever have to do a gig with less than your full regular band, and discover a whole different vibe than with the usual larger group ? 


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