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In Topic: Lynyrd Skynyrd Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour

26 January 2018 - 10:47 AM

Pfffft! They'll be back.
Just like Elton John--who is launching his third farewell tour.

No, they won't be back.

All these guys... Neil Diamond, Elton, Peart, Skynard, and many more are approaching or already into their 70s and are understanding that it's truly the end of the line for them, time to retire and enjoy what golden years they'll have left and they realize it. Much of their fanbase is at retirement age as well and they won't be going to concerts or buying cds & merch anymore either.
In the next 2 to 4 years we're about to see a wave of retirements from classic rock bands & artists, just as we've seen a wave of their deaths over the past 3 years. Those who are still living will be getting out of the game for good.

Yep !! and all these "Sheds" around the country...that hold like 20k will in my guess close down. LS will be playing in our "shed" in Mansfield Ma
in July, been there quite a few times...it is like 95% parking lot...lots of acres. When the bigs acts stop and that is happening, who will sell tix there.
my guess is either homes will be built, or old folks homes......the times...they are a changing....smoke em if you got em.

Interesting theory, Drawtheline. Here's why you couldn't be more wrong.
According to Pollstar: 
Live music continues to demonstrate its growing popularity making 2017 a record crushing year for the concert business. The Top 100 Worldwide Tours alone generated a record $5.65 billion in revenues. That represents a huge, 15.8% increase over the previous year. 
The Top Tours feature many relatively young acts and a few oldies, including:
1. U2 -- $316 million. They're barely in their 50s.
2. Guns N' Roses -- $292 million.
3. Coldplay -- $238 millioin
4. Bruno Mars $98 million
5. Metallica -- $97.6
6. Depeche Mode -- $78 million
7. Paul McCartney -$146 million
8. Ed Sheeran - $124 million
9. The Rolling Stones $120 million
10. Garth Brooks $101 million
Also in the Top 20 are Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, The Weekend, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ariana Grande.
No, I don't think the sheds are ready to shut down quite yet.

umm . . . that's TWO acts that have been around for less than 15 years, and one more that's been around slightly more than that. All the rest have been around for 30 plus years and are WAY past their prime.

In Topic: Shipping a full kit

24 January 2018 - 11:27 AM

so If I charge $150 on a kit that is going to probably get in the 900 to 1100 range, even if I "lose" money on the shipping that "loss" will probably be relatively small?

And I've been checking with all of the local music stores (we have no more local shops yet, just two GCs and a Sam Ash) and so far no boxes.

In Topic: Rogers Luxor Outfit help

21 January 2018 - 01:03 PM

Gotcha, thanks for the info!

he does usually leave the bottom heads off on the Rogers kit he uses. So the point stands sonically

In Topic: Rogers Luxor Outfit help

21 January 2018 - 07:13 AM

Hey, y’all, as I mentioned above I recently picked up a Luxor tom as part of an expanding duco orphan/franken-kit
(The bass is a ‘62 Slingerland, the snare is a ‘68 Slingerland and Ihave an order in for a bum-wrap for a crappy yard-sale floor tom). If luxor toms are good enough for Billy Martin (and George Sluppick!) they are plenty good for me.
Anyway, a few qs
1. Cleveland tag with a 11942 number, what is the date range?
2. It looks like it had a diamond plate mount, would that be the same spacing as a Slingerland diamond plate?
2a. Alternatively: anybody know if I could get an ind-e mount on without an extra hole?



In Topic: Vintage WFL Ludwig BDP Kit - 12x22, 12x15, 9x13

18 January 2018 - 07:53 PM

Gahh! Somebody buy these! What a steal!!!