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Blue Sparkle Ludwig New Yorker (62) plus floor tom (64)

16 January 2018 - 09:47 AM

Yeah, I'm selling them. Currently listed on Reverb, but will sell directly as well.

Still not gigging enough to warrant sitting on two nice vintage kits AND the orphans. So I'm gonna go back to just the 20/12/16 Slingerlands and the Duco Orphans and make some scratch by selling the most valuable.

Currently local pickup only, I will list for shipping if and when I can get the packing materials together for free. I'm in no hurry.

here's the link:

Duco Goodness.

11 September 2017 - 09:23 AM

so, as those of you who are as bored at work as I am may recall, back in May, I had an incredibly good week for vintage snare finds at the local big box stores.
See Here:

That Duco Slingerland started an itch that I eventually had to scratch, which led first to the WFL clubdate I posted about last week, but when I started seriously considering finishing that project I realized that I might as well just pull the trigger on the truly matching Slingerland Duco bass that came up on ebay (which is why I am now selling the WFL after only getting it out of the box once!)

So anyway, I've now got a 14x22 Blue/Silver Duco Slingerland bassdrum with a '62 Date Stamp go go with my blue/silver duco Slingerland Snare with a 67/8ish serial number as a two piece . . . but that snare is at our band practice space right now, not in my shed. Nonetheless, I felt like sharing. This drum sounds amazing. It shipped with Coated PS3 batter and Smooth White Ambassador resonant, and I added an Evans EQ Pad, touching both heads, bigger side against the batter, but left it unpoprted, it's a perfect, PERFECT sound.




WFL blue/silver duco 14x22 clubdate or clubdate style

28 August 2017 - 05:57 PM

Shell and hoops only. hoops are solid matching blue.

I bought this to go with my blue/silver duco Slingerland snare as part of a retro minimalist rig - and then a couple days later an actual Slinglerland duco bass came up! So I literally have only taken this out of the box to check It over and photograph it.

Has holes for some kind of spurs and another hole for a disappearing cymbal mount. Lug hole spacing is smaller than what I understand the later club date bass drum hole spacing to be. Some separation at the re-rings. Inner mahogany ply is gorgeous.

I don't know much about WFL
This will be updated with more pics in a few minutes

$100 plus actual shipping

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finishing off WFL Clubdate bass project . . .

22 August 2017 - 09:08 AM

so I threw a curiosity bid at this thing last night (dead sober even . . .) and WON.

(I have a blue/silver duco Slingerland that I have been thinking of pairing with a bass in a stripped down set, so I have been browsing them . . . but it was probably a bad idea)

Anyway, questions.

1. What is the lowest end I am looking at for 8 lugs, 16 Rods (key rods are fine, I am trying to make a viable players drum, not a collectors item) and about ten claws (I have a few already).

2. What length rods will I need.

3. Is there anyway I can put a protective coat on this, to preserve the original with the mojo-rific distressed sections.)

It was kind of a dumb move since I already have an early 60s Ludwig 22 . . . there is a good chance I will just turn around and re-sell, but I want to think through options.


More Blue Sparkle Ludwigs!

07 August 2017 - 01:45 PM

I've shared these before but I cleaned up my shed recently, and the light was so nice and the drums were looking so good that I had to post them again. The project that I used as an excuse to buy these has finally started gigging, but so far opening for other bands we are friends with, and whose drums I can use, so they aren't stage tested yet.
Pre-serial Ludwig New Yorker 12x22 and 8x12, with 64ish 16x16
Slingerland duco student currently set up with them (my 65 acro is setup with my other kit, mid 60s Slings at guitarist 's house)

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