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What is the Cost for Having the Wrap Stripped and then Rewrapped on a Vintage Drum set...

Today, 10:06 AM

I have a vintage Ludwig drum set that has some pretty beat up wrap. I'm considering having the drums stripped and re-wrapped. Does anyone have a ballpark number as to what the cost would be to have someone do this for me?

Ludwig Standard (Vintage) in Downbeat Configuration 20/14/12

19 August 2018 - 07:13 AM

Looking for a Ludwig Standard in blue strata, red strata, gold strata, green strata or blue astro. Not looking for any other colors at this time. I'm looking for the drums to be in good shape - not collector level. 

Going All in With Vintage?

16 August 2018 - 06:51 PM

I was on another drumming related forum (gasp!) and I saw a topic about vintage drums which I have been thinking about. Someone is considering selling all of their modern drums and only having vintage kits, which is something I have considered in the past and have been thinking about recently. 


So, a couple of my drumming friends and I were shooting the crap over a couple of beers last night and this topic came up. Both of these guys own vintage and modern kits and have played for many years, so they have experience with all kinds of drums and gigging situations. Both of the guys were 100% against the idea of only having vintage drums. They said they thought that vintage drums wouldn't have enough volume/bite/attack to work in louder situations, especially when unmiced. I was surprised by their reaction, and it got me to thinking. 


So, my questions (finally!) are, has anyone made the switch to vintage drums entirely? If so, were there any major drawbacks? Have you had any issues with volume/bite/attack to the point that you thought you needed modern drums? Just curious. 

SOLD - Istanbul Agop 20" Signature Crash - Mint Condition!! 1615 Grams

28 July 2018 - 02:35 PM

This is a basically brand new 20" Istanbul Agop Signature crash which weighs in at 1615 grams. I literally bought this cymbal about a week ago and have barely used it. This thing is in perfect condition.

This cymbal has a warm, dark, slightly trashy cymbal. It gets in and out of the way quickly. Istanbul Agop describes it as follows: paper thin, dark, dry and low pitched.

$300 firm- shipping included - Not interested in trades at this time.

SOLD--Istanbul Agop 22" Traditional Original Ride - 2294 grams- Great Condition- SOLD

28 July 2018 - 01:46 PM

This is a 22" Istanbul Agop Traditional Original ride in excellent condition. This cymbal is a great all-purpose snare with a warm wash and clear stick definition. This cymbal has no cracks, chips, etc... Other than some stick marks and fingerprints, the cymbal is in great condition. 

From the Istanbul Agop website: 
"The thinnest of the Traditional Series ride cymbals, the Original ride offers wide harmonic and dynamic range."



$260  shipping included  


Not interested in trades at this time.