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In Topic: Gigging set gets the most love

Yesterday, 02:14 PM

Good for you guys who want to take your best gear on every gig. But.....


I've been playing professionally for 48 years. For the first three decades, I only had one set of professional drums, and they stayed in the clubs where I worked six nights a week. No problem. 


But since all the steady club gigs dried up, I've done one nighters, or maybe two nights a week on a steady gig where I had to load my stuff in and out.


I first got the idea of a "gigging" set when I was called to do a jazz trio in an outdoor restaurant courtyard, one block off the beach in SW Florida. The heat, salt air, humidity, and rain were a hassle. No way I was going to take my gorgeous Gretsch drums out there. I copped a decent cheap set that didn't break the bank, and who cared if they rotted in the salt air? 


Well, they didn't rot; they actually held up incredibly well. And they sounded so good, when that gig came to an end, I kept using them on one nighters. 


Eventually, I upgraded to a mid-level set. For most all of my gigs, they do just fine. 


Somebody said they want to use their best drums to give the audience their best. I say horse crap, unless you're playing some kind of big time, big money gig. On my typical $125 one nighter, I give my audience the best every time I play, and the audience doesn't care if I'm playing a $5,000 Gretsch set or a $700 Tama set.


This is coming from a guy who has played a million gigs. Some of them were very prestigious, but the majority of them have been, "Throw the drums in the van, set up and play, and collect your check." 


My gigging set has made more money for me than all my other 'drums. 

My thoughts exactly! Got a Yamaha Rock tour big leaf mahogany kit on close out..three piece for 250.00 and free shipping..they paid for themselves in one weekend and stay in the car. They sound and look great and are really light. If something happened to them I'd be bummed but I'd get over it...my 120 gigs a year are mostly "throw them in the van, and collect check". They're perfect for that..

In Topic: Quincy Jones on Ringo

09 February 2018 - 10:17 AM

Quincy's comments about the Beatles are like when some drummers put down Phil Rudd...Their  eyes are blinded to the greatness. The people who realize this greatness can't be bothered by the naysayers. Technical prowess isn't necessarily needed to achieve this...Quincy seems put off about that fact.

In Topic: Transitioning Between Songs

30 January 2018 - 09:22 AM

We're a seasoned band. ...we take basically no time between songs unless someone needs to tune or I need a second to tighten or move something. Our front person calls off songs as we're ending one song or in a guitar solo etc. She also has little hand or body cues she can use to tip us off as to what's coming next...In a standard three hour gig we probably play 55 to 60 songs and between song banter is kept to a minimum. Maybeeee five minutes the whole night. Our philosophy is we're a live jukebox that keeps the party going. Nobody wants to hear uninteresting blather when they could be dancing or rocking out.

In Topic: Speaking of tambourines...

22 January 2018 - 04:21 PM

Probably the most overused of percussion instruments IMHO. That and the cowbell. Singers love to play it through every song. Played sparsely and with taste it is a wonderful instrument. When I'm asked if I have one (which I do) for s singer that is sitting in, I will decline.

What say you?

I agree a thousand % and not just in live bands..I sometimes want to kill George Martin for having an unnecessary tambourine on so many Beatles tracks...half the time it's impossible to hear any of Ringo's hihat work and it irritates me to the point that I can't listen to some of their stuff anymore.  Uh oh..did I just commit blasphemy questioning George Martin's production decisions??? ;)

In Topic: In Appreciation of Bruce Gary

22 January 2018 - 04:14 PM


That first Knack record is a desert island one for me...not just for the drumming, although it was sensational. The production, the guitar solos, the vocals and background vocals, the hooks and the lyrics!! Absolute genius..they were sorely underrated as  "The My Sharona band". That was one of the weaker songs on the record but being a hit it's what they're going to remembered for..unfortunately to the detriment of their other material.

I agree with everything you wrote...that album is full of gems that never really saw airplay. "Oh Tara" and "Let Me Out" come immediately to mind.


I love both those cuts ..and The drum sound on She's so selfish..so tasty!    The lyrics in Good girl's don't... I could go on all day lol!