How do I clean this gold brass snare?.....

Discussion in 'General' started by Gotdrums, Sep 15, 2018.

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    It only needs a light cleaning. Hot soap &water will clean it up? Can I use chrome cleaner on gold (like) hardware? What's the best way to polish it up. It's in nice condition overall. Thanks in advance......Mark (the shark).

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    Yes on the soap & water approach. Many manufacturers will apply a clear coat on the shell, so in reality that is what you are cleaning and the clear coat isn't very thick, hence the need to avoid abrasive style cleaners.

    As far as cleaning shiny metal in general, I avoid abrasive but I don't fear chemical cleaners. For instance I use GM Bright Metal Polish for the chrome on my Harley and drum hardware like stands. It doesn't require any elbow grease at all. Just your basic application rub, allow it dry and remove the residue / polish with a clean cloth... Bing, bango, bongo, it's as pretty as can be.

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