NOLA to do suggestions (could be OT too)

Discussion in 'General' started by dtk, Jul 12, 2018.

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    Flying down on the 19th and home on the 23rd (of this July).

    My son asked me to come down for a few days as his chemo should be done.
    We plan on doing some errands (may donate the Sawtooth kit I had shipped to him by mistake to his school, Loyola) and who knows what. He's told me he wants to put in some hours at work (The Mushroom, a head shoppe) so I may have some private time to kill.

    I'm hoping to catch up with an old high school friend who lives down there and heard there was a bike tour of the city (which I realize will be pretty hot and humid).

    Any other thoughts? Any members playing?

    Fun Fact: He plans on returning to school in the spring of 2019. Since he took a gap year that will put him in line to graduate from college the same year as his twin sisters.
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    For music, I'd check out Frenchman Street. Basically every bar has amazing music. Snug Harbor, DBA, Spotted Cat, just to name a few. I'd highly recommend catching Johnny Vidacovitch at Snug Harbor if he is there (or anywhere, really). There is also a cool open-air art market that pops up on Frenchman at night. So much cool stuff on Frenchman, and its usually waaaay less crazy than Bourbon street.

    For food, I'd check out the Garden District for Cachon (the pork ribs!!!!). Also, Peche is the seafood version of Cachon.

    If you go outside of downtown for food, Jacques Imo's has a pretty good rep.

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