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Discussion in 'General' started by Sammybear, Apr 12, 2015.

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    Hi. I am looking for a recommendation for a mini 4 channel (4 xlr inputs), pre-amp mixer to mic drum kit (4 mic) for practice, play along tracks, etc. Should be able to input from iPhone or iPad (1/8" connector) for sound source. I am also looking for a good companion computer interface to go along with the mixing board in the event I wish to record direct to computer (Apple) via Firewire. I was looking at a Mackie 402VLZ3 on Amazon with a Onyx 820i firewire, but it appears this Mackie might not have enough pre-amped channels.

    In the past I have used an 8 channel interface (Saphire Pro), which was great for a lot of mics from drums direct to computer via interface with a lot of post-production, but I have decided to simplify mic'ing with 4 mics directly to pre-amp mixing board and if I do some recording, utilize a small interface to computer with minimal or no post production. I am not looking for any EQ'ing or compression, just a clean sound. Most of the time I will use mixer with output directly from mixer to Metrophone Studio Kans headphones for rehearsal purposes.

    I'd like to keep the mixer and interface compact and affordable (less than $150 per unit-cheaper if available).

    Thanks in advance for your input. My humble apologies if this is in the wrong discussion category.
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    I have the Mackie 802VLZ4 and have run it as a drum mixer recording direct to one channel (in my case it was 1 track on a cassette 4-track for a project). It works great and the pre's are very nice.
    If you need 4 mic pre's and want to stick with Mackie I think you'd have to go up to the 1202VLZ4 - 12 tracks, 4 with pre amps. You might find one used on your budget...
    But couldn't the Mackie ProFX8 (4 pre's!) work as both your mixer and I/O to the computer?

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