Roland TD-1K

Discussion in 'Electronic Drum Zone' started by Btown, Nov 7, 2017.

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    This thread is more about MY kit than the model itself, but feel free to weigh in with any thoughts on thr instrument.

    Picked up a TD-1K the other day. As intro-level of a kit as it is it's actually an upgrade over the kits I've had in the past (compact Simmons and Alesis models) and it's perfect for my apartment.

    It's a tad cramped, and it's missing the snare arm (meaning I have the snare on the lower rack) which just makes it even more cramped. Perhaps I can order a replacement from Roland.

    So far I like it. Was not crazy about a beater-less pedal but it helps keep the noise down and I can always upgrade to a kick pad/pedal later on. Wish it had customs kits but I like the ones it offers.

    The hi hat pedal is starting to go, which I've read is a pretty common problem. Sounds like I'll have to order a new part from Roland soon.

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