SKF Blog Audio: Artimus Pyle: My Role As a Drummer (1982)

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    SKF NOTE: June 23, 1982. Artimus Pyle, no longer with Lynyrd Skynyrd, was on tour fronting his own Artimus Pyle Band. Our mutual friend, Paul T. Riddle, arranged for an afternoon meeting where we all sat, talked, and taped our conversation. That tape was the basis for Artimus's April 1983 Modern Drummer feature interview.

    At night, the same day, Artimus's band and The Marshall Tucker Band played a concert - a place I've forgotten. Art's band opened the show. Then Art and I found a secure room backstage where we finished the interview - and that's the setting for this audio excerpt. About 3:00 in you can hear the Marshall Tucker Band onstage, kicking off their show with Heard It In A Love Song.

    Artimus's full printed interview is available here. I will post more sound files as time permits.

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