SKF Blog Audio: Will Calhoun: My Drum Gear (1989)

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    SKF Blog Audio: Will Calhoun: My Drum Gear (1989)

    SKF NOTE: Among my favorite interviews, I am sorry to say none of my interview with Will Calhoun ever saw the light of day. By July 1989 I had been gone from my spot as Modern Drummer's managing editor almost six years. From what I've gathered reading through my notes, this interview was meant to be published in one of MD's offshoot quarterly magazines -- Modern Percussionist. But before Will's interview was published, Modern Percussionist had ceased publication.

    This first excerpt is Will Calhoun describing his drum equipment used on Living Colour's 1989 tour with The Rolling Stones.

    Scott K Fish Blog: Life Beyond the Cymbals
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    I am huge a Will fan! I remember this era well.

    Thanks for posting!

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