Using Triggers.

Discussion in 'Electronic Drum Zone' started by Gcort49, Jul 15, 2017.

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    Apr 30, 2013
    As a traditional 'acoustic' drummer for years, I never accepted e-drums..I am old fashion like that. In fact, just replaced my 'flip phone'.

    That all being said, if I wanted to use triggers on my acoustic set, I assume I would need to replace the heads with mesh heads. Correct?

    My situation, I recently moved into an apartment while I build a house. To continue practicing, I know I could buy a cheap e-set, but thinking I could buy a used module (Pintech ) locally cheap, add 2-3 triggers and still practice and 'hear' the drums, as opposed to pads or silencer pads over the drums. Not looking to trigger the whole set, since this is practice use. My setup is one up, one down. So, not looking at much expense. Not looking to silence the cymbals. I could throw a towel over each


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