40's ludwig tom

40's ludwig tom

this is an orphan that i hope to find some matches for one day. it appears to be a 40's ludwig & ludwig model based on the white elkhart indiana badge. size is 9x13. i think the color is called green flash pearl. based on the badge placement and tom mount, i feel that this would be the right side hoop mounted tom. the original hoop mount and bracket is also with the drum. has original off white interior and period calf heads. this is one of my favorite colors by far.i also really like the original imperial lugs. original seller had sold the left side tom and snare by the time that i found this one. a matching bass drum would suit me just fine!
Nice! I like the green. How do the calf heads sound (presuming you would play this little beauty)?

I always enjoy the pictures from the Layton back deck.
thanks jim. ive been trying to put calf heads on any drums that i own that would have come with calf heads. it gets a little expensive, but sometimes i run across a deal or two. the calf heads and the drum sound amazing. its just what you would expect from some old 3 ply shells.

my fav color! Sad how kits get broken up for bucks, even have seen a bass drum and snare in that wrap split apart, but never say never. Prob was with a 26 or 28 with an 11" tom (REMO still makes 11" heads).
Very nice score there !
I wish you good luck finding matching "others".
I will keep an eye out. {I see WMP once in a while, that's new for me. IMHO }

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