Gretsch Playboy Bass Drum repair

Check out this repair. Feedback is welcome...! This is my bass drum from my first drum set. Prior to my acquiring it someone had added a Ludwig double tom mount and they had done a poor job with the hole drilling having used a hand saw and drill. I found a donor drum on ebay that I used to cut a biscuit to use as a repair patch. I spent a lot of time waiting for the right shell as it had to be as perfect a repair as possible. The finished drum looks great. I'll be happy to answer any questions if there are any.
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That is amazing work! I have *exactly* the same issue right now on a black diamond pearl Gretsch bass drum. The main difference is that the hole they cut for the Ludwig double tom mount wasn't nearly as clean and is actually square in shape. Did you just glue the "biscuit" in place?

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