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  • Ludwig-2010-COB-Supra.gif
    Just played my first gig with this 2010 COB Supraphonic. Never had a Supra before or a snare with maple hoops and purchased it as shown on GC vintage and used for $500.00. What projection on cross stick and rim shots!
  • My DWIGZ
    I really enjoyed reading about your earlier first drum set dreaming days. It really did help me remember all of my own too. I'm a bit younger than you are and I was born in '68, and you said you were 10 yrs old in '68, so that means you are 10 yrs older than me. That's even better because I'm...
  • My DWIGZ
    Thank you so much and I completely understand (and agree) with what you are saying (and telling me to consider when doing this modification). Yeah, the kit sounds even better than it looks and is not my only kit but is my very first love kit that I've had ever since I was 12. I grew up on...