ludwig '66 cludate combo 20/12/ jazz festival with added 12x15 floor tom

ludwig '66 cludate combo 20/12/ jazz festival with added 12x15 floor tom

this is a factory 66 clubdate combo kit. 20/12/ jazz festival snare. has nickel hardware. i found the kit at a store online. i was real pleased when it came in and was in nice shape. i only had to touch up a couple of places on the shells and did a little touch up on the hoops. the original silver sparkle inlay on the hoops was perfect. the nickel will shine up much better. i was probably back in the fall when i polished these. the numbers are real close on the badges. it had a mount here and there that was chrome. ive been seeing more and more of this. this was kinda late for nickel. maybe they did some substitutions at times. i took me forever to find these mounts in nickel i must say and got some help from my buddy p83. ride tom had its original head in great shape. i found some original bass heads and a head for the floor tom from a forum member. i also had to locate a nickel cymbal arm and a forum member also came to the rescue. thanks to everyone!

someone had already started the floor tom project. they had already drilled and added leg mounts. they used classic mounts and had classic legs on it. the drum was originally a pre serial 12x15 clubdate style marching snare. these sound great. since it had already been drilled, i filled the snare strainer and butt holes and also a marching bracket holes. someone had painted the interior white but was kind enough to write the date in the shell,so i left it as it was. seems like it was a 60 or 61 date. since the holes had already been drilled for classic mounts, i just found the nickel mounts that were on the rest of the kit and used them. i did decide to go with original straight clubdate legs. i just like they way they look. whoever put the mounts on really did so backwards. the two legs should be on each side of the badge. i play it with the badge towards me since the muffler is right there at the badge. its easy to adjust that one leg as well to give me a little tilt on the floor tom angle towards me. the drum was flat black over original blue duco when i got it. i sprayed it with black lacquer to match the kit. it really looks just like the kit. got lucky there.

this has turned out to be one of my favorite kits for sure. if i ever run across a matching 14x14 floor tom, i'll probably get it. even a duco one that is in need of paint would work. but i'm completely happy with the 20/12/15 setup. it sounds great.

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