ludwig galaxy sparkle reissue  s/l jazz festival project

ludwig galaxy sparkle reissue s/l jazz festival project

this is a recent project. this drum started life as an '84 s/l drum(chrome over wood,something for less),you can see the original drum here in my gallery. someone had made some alterations to the drum before i got it making it a prime candidate for this project. 
this one is a 4ply with granitone interior. the wrap is the new galaxy sparkle reissue from ludwig. this was some leftover wrap from my floor tom project graciously given to me by fellow dfo members. i put a keystone badge on it and cob hoops and the lugs from a 60's jazz festival. currently has the original p85 strainer and block logo butt. future plans are for a p83 and script logo p32 butt(actually grabbed a pair today!). i'll probably never find an affordable galaxy sparkle jazz festival, so this one will work for me! original ludwig heads. 
side note-notice the rare 1364 ludwig hercules snare stand. this model was the first of these and the top part was used with the ludwig gold coast cocktail kits in the early 60's.

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