Ludwig Transition Badge Starlight Sparkle

Ludwig Transition Badge Starlight Sparkle

bought these from a friend about a year ago who bought them from another friend of mine. i'd been tracking them for a few years. these were most likely custom ordered as Ludwig never catalogued this particular color. the wrap tucks into the scarf joint and is original. I think these are '59 models with transition badges. the bass drum is also an oddity as it is a 20 inch but is 18 deep. Ludwig was making a shell in that size at that time. It was usually seen as a floor tom. this one has no extra holes however. it has dual disappearing bass spurs. chrome hardware on the entire kit but aluminum spurs. no cymbal mount on the bass. I have installed a Ludwig atlas mount in place of a lug and use a period correct cymbal arm. has the 2 hole rail mount with clip mount arm. ride tom is 8x12. floor tom is 16x16. these have clear mahogany interiors and sound great. the floor tom has some fade on the front side. ive added some period heads. still looking for a playon plastic head for the 12 however. snare drum is a transition badge brass super. I have actually located a matching Ludwig transition badge super classic snare in starlight sparkle. current owner is hanging on to it for now. have my fingers crossed that I can put it with the matching kit one day.
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