My new Premier set

My new Premier set

I recently bought this set to play in a Jimi Hendrix tribute band I did not realize how well they are made. For playability this set can't be matched. The drums are very thin African Mohogany with die cast rims. The rims are almost level with the heads(1/8"),so you can be very articulate without worrying about rim shots. What a fantastic instrument!
Very cool! i have a premier jazz kit that I use a lot as well. They sound and perform consistently at a super high level. I love them and will post pics of them soon. (Have been using my slingerlands for the past 2 months of gigs)
VERY nice! I would love to get my mid 70s Premiers up & running, but no time it seems. These are beautiful! What year are they?

Killer set. English drums from that era 60s/early 70s are the cream of thr crop.

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