My Personal Walnut Stave Kit #1
Fungus Amungus

My Personal Walnut Stave Kit #1

Finally built something for myself...this is part of my Walnut Stave Kit. Raw Shells were built by Master Craftsman Terry Thompson of DaVille Drumworks and Kit consists of: 20x18/18x16/16x16/14x14/14x10/12x8/10x8/14x6(s). Also in these shots is a 14x7 VaughnCraft Aqua Maple Shell Snare.

All have a Hand Rubbed Tung Oil Finish, and the Maple Snare has about 20 coats of Lacquer over Tung. I let the Shells cure for 2+ Years (too damn broke to finish the kit! LOL!), which truthfully makes a HUGE difference in the Tone.
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