Two Nice Old Rogers Snares

Two Nice Old Rogers Snares

Man, I wish these were Dynas....but, they sound pretty good as is.
That wine-red ripple snare would go nicely with my kit!
[quote name='biggator' date='04 February 2010 - 11:04 PM']
That wine-red ripple snare would go nicely with my kit!


OK...let's talk.....the snare was wrapped about 3-4 layers worth of countertop material among other things like shelf liner. Nice "pro" job as you can imagine. Anyway, when I finally got down to the shell, someone had used a circular sander on it to rough it up a bit. So, the finish is not smooth. But, I've read others that went over this with more sandpaper or other methods to smooth it back down a bit. Even spraying a clear coat on it to get some shine back. So, that's the bad. The good is it's a rare drum in a great finish. So, let me get home and give it the once over again to see if there's anything I'm forgetting before we talk price. I'll snap some more pics if you want. I don't have a matching kit or anything so don't mind selling it to someone to complete one.
I might even be up for trades or partial trades, etc. Let me know. I don't have any glaring needs now...I could use a few orphan drums to complete kits, but that's a shot in the dark...

let me know if you want me to send you some more pics and do an in hand description of the snare.


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