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    Weekend Rogers Find

    Nice , The classic American Variety Pack I like that ! I have Kent , Gretsch ,Slingerland , Rogers and Camco all Jazz-bop sets .... Damn it didn't seem like a lot until I wrote it down .
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    Any good professional place that rewraps drums in SoCal area?

    Chris is the best !
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    Camco Tuxedo Badge Location?

    My Oaklawn Aristocrat bass drum badge is at the rear and the first generation post tom mount is mount up front .
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    Camco Tuxedo Badge Location?

    I have seen this before a few times not super common but not unheard of either . Drugan's Drum Shop had a blue sparkle Eddie Knight set a while back with the badge is that spot .
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    Favorite bop kit poll

    Camco , Rogers , then Gretsch . Luckily I don't have to choose as i already have these BOP sets .
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    Slingerland Niles Bop Kit

    Seems a bit high in my opinion at $2200 especially with no snare and non original hoops / T rods . The wrap looks good/correct though the grommet looks to have been removed . And that is correct with no badge on the toms as only a bass and snare would have had badges .
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    Gretsch 1970's Stopsign Badge in Walnut Finish

    Mouse , I have one I got over the summer in BOP sizes that I love . They sound so good .... Donnie
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    Yamaha EAD10 users: Are you using an external trigger?

    Mine should be here this week . I tried one at the Hollywood Drum Show in October and have been obsessed ever since so I bought one last week . I did not opt for the snare trigger as everything I read and saw on youtube lead me to believe it was not necessary for practicing . Maybe in a live...
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    Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin

    I think you mean Little Richard's version of " Keep a Knocking"
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    Ludwig & Ludwig - what do I have?

    If you refinish it you will kill any value it has . Please leave it is an awesome drum
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    Gretsch RB 14” value?

    Would you be interested in selling that 14x14 Dayton FT ? I need one for my Dayton bop set .. LMK thanks Donnie
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    Yes they did actually .
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    Slingerland score update.

    Looks great and a good match . Congrats
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    Brand base,?

    IDK but that is cool . What size is that ?
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    ANOTHER Rogers Bop Find? Incredible!

    That is not the first time I have seen the angled mount on a tom . I am considering swapping mine out on my 12" tom to help dial in the tom placement .