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    Sabian SR2

    i have a 19 HH and a 22 HHX....both appear to be development prototypes...I got these locally and had been looking for a 20 on memphis looks like they stopped buying them or maybe the SR2 thing is over?
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    The moment of truth (a.k.a. is it damaged or is it ok?)

    wit the hell?
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    Sabian 20" HH Manhattan Ride thoughts?

    i have a 20 hhx manhattan....sounds very similar to the video above of the HH....
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    Paiste Dixie

    mine is dented and abused and has 8 rivets in it now so its not very photogenic...sounds nasty also
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    Done with coated EVANS!

    i live in a dry climate so I haven't experienced the sticky issue on my evans heads, but the coating sure does scrape off not a fan of the heads, but they fit a couple of problem snares that need an oversized fit where remo or aquarian wont work...
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    Paiste Dixie

    thats a beautiful cymbal...definitely a B8... i have a 1965 NS 20" Dixie...totally different (btw it was my 1st cymbal)
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    Looking for advice on repairing a small cymbal crack

    i forgot to say also drill at the ends of the crack...not too much further
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    Looking for advice on repairing a small cymbal crack

    2 holes...I have used 3/32 bits...I have also used black water based ink and a magnifying lense to find the ends of the crack...
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    Target sells Ludwig drums ???

    shipped from music playing the amazon game...heres a supralite from walmart...
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    Mandatory Monday Guilty Pleasure 80's Jams

    a few years back still sounding great...
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    Luv this pedal!

    great pedal...i recently bought a dw 6000 strap pedal which is the same basic design (cam is identical to that tama and my original camco/gretsch)
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    What are these brown dots on my cymbals?

    sneeze? I would get rid of that air freshener stuff also...toxic...
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    To be young again.... These guys are really good!

    they are great and wow that drummer has some serious chops....!