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    If Keith Moon was still alive??

    no accounting for taste. so if someone says they don't care for his style or never got it is fine to me. But to hear a musician say he wasn't talented is just bizarre. I hate to judge folks, but that makes it hard not to discount their opinion on just about everything. Sorry. perfect fit for...
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    ? 1st year for Ludwig Bowling Ball Blue & Black Oysters?

    here's my 1969 Keystone badge kit. clear maple interiors, 70's teeth railmount.
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    OT-I hate to bring this up (semi-political)

    i worked in broadcasting for 15 years - it's all about ratings & revenue. that's all. Fill a hole in a market (which is what Fox did so successfully) & get those ratings - the "content" is what they play between commercials. that said - NPR, BBC & actually a little Al Jazerra. I only go to...
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    Need a Slingerland Floor tom leg/cymbal arm mount

    If ya got one, thanks!
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    Piezo Pick up in Suitcase Kit?

    ha, yeah - catch 22 I carry a sm-57 around with it sometimes - but a built in would be cool & be consistent with the concept of the small, self contained kit.
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    Piezo Pick up in Suitcase Kit?

    Thanks Geardaddy - I don't know jack about triggers or piezos - vintage guy. Guess I'll look for a small internal mic if I really want to do something like this.
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    Piezo Pick up in Suitcase Kit?

    Hey, a question for the friendly drum mob. Has anyone put a Piezo pick-up in an acoustic drum? I have no experience at all with these pick-ups. I play my suitcase kit quite a bit & usually end up micing it in louder situations. I thought it would be cool to mount a Piezo inside & drill a...
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    Rail Mount - To Fold or Not to Fold?

    crown royal bag
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    The Drums by Papa Jo Jones

    Hey, I just uploaded this rare Jo Jones double LP to youtube. I added the track times so folks could jump around. Not sure who owns it, it's out of print & I consider it a historical &
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    Blue Agate Slingerlands 20/13/16 - SOLD

    bump for the bay... These are on thee bay: HERE
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    Blue Agate Slingerlands 20/13/16 - SOLD

    Thanks - indeed they are. bump - prolly send them to ebay next week.
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    rail mount choking

    oh you know, here & there - Steve Maxwell sells new repros for $10 on ebay
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    Blue Agate Slingerlands 20/13/16 - SOLD

    Was happy to hold onto these for awhile, they sound great - but I got a bad case of "my wife is a teacher & it's August-itis" I wanna say these are '69 or so - black/brass badges but larger 70's muffler knobs. No extra holes. I've cleaned them up but there is room for improvement. 16 has...
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    rail mount choking

    Thanks! I love railmounts & bass mounted toms, just not a big fan of spades. I can't imagine "flying" a tom off a cymbal stand on vintage kit.. And dragging another stand to a gig for the tom will never be in my gameplan. Neither options suits my aesthetic either. Seemed like an obvious...
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    *ALL SOLD* 3 - Bass Drum Anchors (hoop mounted)...*ALL SOLD*

    pm sent for Luddy