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    15” hats for jazz combos. Anyone play them?

    Almost exclusively...
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    SOLD! Leedy & Ludwig Concert Snare Reduced: $300!

    I have a 6.5x15 one of these and it's one of my main studio mules. Great instrument! The Leedy drums of this era have a bit of their own thing going on,very characterful sound.
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    And I sent it to Mike Curotto, redux

    That's a fabulous looking drum! Well done on the resto. These "square bead" shells... how are they compared to the rest of the Ludwig brass lineage? Are they 2 piece? Soldered bearing edges? And Mike, the nickled lugs look great, good call! Is that a terribly expensive process? Imagine you...
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    Drum Overheads - Is There an SM81 Killer Out There?

    Ribbons, especially old designs, can't do gusts of air. So don't put them in a kick port. Past that, they're pretty durable. That said, 2nding all comments about the pattern. Far from my first choice for live drum overheads. They'll pick up reflections and lots of room tone and spill, and have...
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    Drum Overheads - Is There an SM81 Killer Out There?

    The thing with ribbons is that they (especially inexpensive ones) are low output and require a lot of clean gain, something inexpensive interfaces and boards don't really have. They'll work, there's just a chance that you'll have more background hiss than you're used to if you're going into a...
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    Gretsch Round Badge Tuning

    Will do! In general, I love the generic snappy snares, but there's something about this one set of really dry 60s Sonor wires i can't get enough of. If I can just find something closer to that I'd be sold!
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    Gretsch Round Badge Tuning

    I say season to taste depending on the gig, but DANG it is not every day that you get a RB snare that sounds so good in that mid-low tuning (#1)!!! That's a beaut.
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    80s Gretsch 4155 6.5x14 Snare Drum

    Oh man! Been wanting one of these, if I wasn't dealing with a bunch of tube gear in the shop I'd be all over it. These are great, someone's gonna love it.
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    Hens Teeth DO Exist!

    Nice! 1) someone with more expertise might chime in, but my guess is that drum might have originally come with gut snares. The snares you do have there... I special ordered a set of Ludwig 15" wires about 9 years ago. The shop didn't have any and had to order them in from Ludwig and they came...
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    Rogers guys: how to keep collets turning smoothly and easily?

    I used to use the WD40 brand "dry lube": it's basically an aersol can of PTFE (Teflon, which is coincidentally the active ingredient used to seal threaded plumbing comemtctions these days and reduce friction so you can get them water-tight). Howeeever, turns out that stuff is super toxic, and...
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    What model Sonor are these?

    Nice! Amazing yu could get parts this many years out! I heard that Hohner actually found a NOS set from this era I their warehouse just a couple years ago. The line between champion and super Champion is blurry, but most people draw it at the 45 degree edges. Sonner listed a super Champion kit...
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    What model Sonor are these?

    And yep, your bass drum is set up "correctly." .
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    What model Sonor are these?

    Those are late-run Sonor Champions, a version referred to by some as "Super Champions." Earlier Champions have thin 6 ply shells and rounded bearing edges. Super Champions initially had sharp 45 degree bearing edges, and then the shells got thicker. Phonics, the line that came right after...
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    another vintage slingerland kit in Violin Red Wood finish

    Even with the slight fade I'm seeing (esp on the bass drum), that's pretty good condition for that finish... I've never seen it age particularly well. A friend of mine was a Slingerland endorser in the 70s/80s and has a 12/13/14/16, 18 kit in that finish. The 16 has seen a little more sun...
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    Extra long 5A sticks

    I did a video review of the Freestyle 55As... haven't gotten around to uploading yet, will link when I do. Long story short, I REALLY like them. VF nailed the balance and feel of these. I normally play X55As and was totally happy with them (still am), but with the new taper on the Freestyle...