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    New Classic Maples arrived! ...and wow are they pink!!

    When I saw the thread subject, I thought - umm pink, what!? Ewww. Then I saw them, and I want a set for myself now! Great looking kit!
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    O.T.: PSA, and a serious one

    Just to add, you're doing the right thing, all the best to you and others seeking help. I've had two periods in my life when I went to see a psychologist, both times I felt like I've just leveled up in a video game and my character (me) had all these new skills. Both times I've done it too late...
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    Just recently switched from 5a to 7a, I'm a pretty lightweight guy so the difference has made it easier to play. The thinner stick was tricky to get used to but after a couple of hours and some adjustments to my grip it feels just right now.
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    Official Yamaha Drums Thread

    Thanks for that tip, I've been struggling with my 12 as well to make it sound as good as the 10 & 14 I've got. I'll give it a try!
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    2021 - will you be purchasing a new kit ?

    Nope, my wife won't let me. Besides, I got one this year, she's been good about getting this one and letting me figure things out. also finances dictate I need to spend my money on my family, go figure. Family before drums?! How dare she and the world!
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    Pearl is now the US distributor for Wincent drumsticks

    I'm no authority on brushes, but I got the steel ones as a gift and they are great!
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    OT rant, what's yours?

    Then this is not a thread for you I wish you a speedy recovery!
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    OT rant, what's yours?

    Chores, around the house. Specifically laundry. This is THE worst chore ever. It's a multi step nightmare. First you gotta sort the ****ing thing, whites, colours, etc.. then you gotta put it all in the machine, detergent, softener and all that not true. Don't forget the right setting and number of...
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    Heel up or flat foot?

    I'm the same, flat most of the time and that's how I learned and felt most comfortable. But I do the heel up when needed, so I mix the two to fit the music.
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Here are a couple from my gig yesterday
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    What Year Did you begin drumming?

    I'm not old, I'm in my mid 40s :)
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    What Year Did you begin drumming?

    Well, I'd like to think it was the early 80s, when I borrowed a toy drum from a friend as a kid, then I had to give it back. In the back of my mind it was always there, the feeling I need more, the feeling of rhythm, but that was beaten out of me by my parents (pun intended). It wasn't until...
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    Gig Tomorrow

    Well, I did the gig, the crowd loved it, but then they are friends, family and neighbours, so it's a bit biased I loved every minute of it, made mistakes, dropped a stick on one song and the band sounded rough, exposing our lack of practice. As it was our first gig, that's to be expected. It...
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    Gig Tomorrow

    Same here, but it's our band's first ever gig in my back yard for family, friends and neighbours. That is if it doesn't rain
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    5 days studio retreat!!!

    Sounds like a dream! Is the red car a Porsche? :)