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    Would you get your first kit back?

    Yeah, I like keeping the first kit. Reminds me of where I started and built the passion from it. 100 dollar Craigslist Frankenstein kit where nothing matched the other, but it was fun as all hell. That, and I'd eventually like to give it to my future kids whenever I have any in hopes that it...
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    Doc Sweeney 14x7 Walnut Steam Bent Snare Drum

    Ah man, after getting the pleasure of meeting, and even playing a bunch of the Doc's drums....I can attest these are absolute beaats and beautiful. If I could afford this, I'd absolutely buy it. Also, if you ever get a chance, try their stave kit. They make the bass drums in 20", 22", and Im...
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    Used market drying up?

    I was actually thinking the same thing to myself. I'd usually find some great gems on Craigslist here in Chicago, but so far for the last month it's been pretty MIA. Surprising to me, the best deals ive gotten were off of Guitar Centers online used section. Got a huge extended drum rack for 100...
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    Restoring 70s Ludwig Marching Snare

    Haha oh yeah man, I was looking up costs for the Super-Sensitive throw way was a LOT cheaper than one of those. For how I play, I never really had the need for the Super-Sensitive capabilities, and can't justify the cost with it.
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    Is there anything I can do?

    Never feel like a fraud man, feel confident and proud in yourself that this is such a passion of yours that you're willing to STILL go back to nail it no matter what it takes. Some people spend their entire lives not carkng about stuff half as much as you did with drums. Proud of ya and wishing...
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    Ludwig Super Sensitive Re-Build Question

    You can probably use an Inde throw and butt plate (use the universal throw and butt, not the standard) since they already butchered the shell with the Rogers throw.
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    Is there anything I can do?

    Oh yeah, with the whole right hand lead thing...the cool thing is with this configuration, you'll definitely get stronger and if you use the same sticking, you'll definitely have a unique sound. Instead of cascading up, you'll go down, or down instead of up. I practice both ways just to be more...
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    Is there anything I can do?

    Yeah, I really didn't know any of these other drummers as open handed players, or even left-footed right-handed players. I mean, I gave maybe 9-10 months for R-foot and got it decent, but it always felt forced. For next the L-Foof just felt really organic and natural and comfortable. What took...
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    Is there anything I can do?

    Do whatever feels comfortable. And yeah, like the connection to left foot and right hand is there, but not as tight as you like it. Give it like 2-3 months and then try to go back to'll be like F that! Plus, the playing open handed instead of crossing your hands is soooo much...
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    Is there anything I can do?

    Oh yeah, there's another floor tom added to that kit next to the hi hat. It works for me just fine, but I know everyone else is all confused and angry against my setup. Live and let live!
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    Is there anything I can do?

    Ah man, I love the determination and commitment! Keep it up! As for my kit, I tried playing the "regular" kit a bunch trying to make it work, and eventually I was like F it. I ended up putting the hi hat on the right side, and play bass drum with my left foot - and basically everything fell...
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    Snare wires for a 15” drum - modify?

    Yeah, I was going to say I just bought puresound 15" for my marching snare build I finished. They sound beautiful! As for cutting wires down, my only concern would be making sure no little bit of the wire was still there and put a hole in the bottom res head. Probably have to use a file and it...
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    Is this the best kit for gigs?

    Ah man, I feel like that'd be my electric kit where I try to like it, and go waaaay above and beyond to make it work, but in the end just wanna burn it in a bon fire pit. How's it sound?
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    Is there anything I can do?

    OH sheeet! There's someone else like me out there???? I always got so much crap for my kit setup, but yeah, now I gotta look him up! Also, Toaster Tee, I'd recommend slowing it down and see if you can do the 16ths on the hi hats with alternating hands instead of single-handed. Once you get that...
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    Regal Tip Stock

    Yeah man, I dunno. I've reached out to Regal waaaaaay to many times for almost 1.5 years and got radio silence. All their distributors give better information than regal at this point - reason I switched to Vater, and actually quite happy I did. I'd definitely recommend if you got THE pair you...