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    SOLD: Paiste Signature Traditionals 18 inch Thin Crash

    One of my favorite Paistes. They nailed it with this one.
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    Paiste Giant Beat 15" Hi-Hat, 18"/20"/24" Multifunction Crash/Ride Set (with recording)

    Dang bro... GREAT playing and GREAT band. Nice work!
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    Paiste 17" Steve Jordan Hi Hats SOLD

    Even if one didn’t use them as hats, they would make a great pair of crashes on a rig.
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    SOLD Tackle Instrument Supply Cymbal Bag & Snare Bag

    Weekend bumpski
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    SOLD! Paiste Formula 602 20" Medium Flat Ride Cymbal. $199 shipped!

    $225 shipped! Come on y’all!