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    It’s all about presentation.

    Interesting concept and visually exciting. But guessing that being the gig roadie is not an future issue.
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    Having UPS, FedEx, etc. do the packing.

    Find the local store and call to alert them the cymbal is coming in and you will pay for it. Then the seller just has to let you know when he will be at the store. You call and set up the shipping info and pay with credit card by phone. Least amount of effort for the seller.
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    Puget sound DFO hang

    Thanks Tommy for hosting. Nice to put some faces to names, and meet the Lovely Mrs Atomic. . . .
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    What is this piece of hardware? Mystery part.

    Part of a Cymbal stacker
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    Puget sound DFO hang

    You know traveling on Sunday is allowed now!
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    Questions for you Seattle area folks…Road cycling and drum suggestions.

    Make a visit to West Coast Drums in Bellevue. Chris and company will be able to help with drums questions for sure. Better knowledge than any GC for sure. 425-502-7029
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    I had a heart attack

    Bad news at start. Good news returning. Here's to your continued recovery.
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    New Kit Day - Pearl President Sunset Ripple

    Now that is a wrap worth having in the house!
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    Why I DON'T Miss Playing Live

    I remember coming home and stripping in the garage before taking a shower. Even with "smoke eater units" it could be brutal.
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    New on Netflix: "Count Me In" Drummer Documentary

    Thanks for the notice of this . Excellent way to spend 90 minutes, without actually playing . . .
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    Ahead snare drums?

    Here you go. $250 is a bargain. On FB Marketplace
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    Premiere Clone Bop Kit

    Just because I like the look, I collected enough Premier vintage hardware (except tension rods) to put together a tribute/clone bop kit. 10"-12"-14" Pacific birch toms, 18" Tama mahogany bass from converted tom. Original hardware holes plugged and matching Premier hardware mounting holes...
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    Joke Thread

    103 passengers and only 40 meals were loaded on a flight from Bogota to Miami The crew didn't know what to do However, the booth boss had an idea. After about 30 minutes of flight, she nervously announced: - ′′ I don't know how this happened, but we have 103 passengers and only 40 dinners."...
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    Cool micro Premier kit

    Looks kinda like my clone Premier bop kit. All premier parts with beech toms and mahogany bass + cases. 10-12-14-18 bd Also available for less and this side of the Atlantic.
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    Retro fit a snare drum with Rogers Dynasonic components

    Just a simple hacksaw. I cut it at the holes in the rail.