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    Musicians coming home after gig paid in exposure

    Maybe in my youth. Not gonna happen today!
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    Musicians coming home after gig paid in exposure

    And this little comparison.
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    Musicians coming home after gig paid in exposure

    Funny how it never occurs to have it work in reverse.
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    I need a cut down, small set up for light jazz. Suggestions or recommendations?

    You could pick up this for DFO pricing. . .
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    Recommend a hardware bag that takes throne

    While bottom feeding at Goodwill the other day, I saw a leather double tennis racket bag. Separate sides with a shoe pocket on the bottom. Gave serious thought to using for a hardware bag. Might see if that will do what you want.
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    FS - INDe Snare

    6x14 INDe black nickel over brass shell. Steel rims. Mint condition. You will not be disappointed. Just thinning the herd in the basement. Using interior badge serial number, this is 2019 date. $300 + shipping.
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    Rogers Londoner from 1972, any thoughts?

    Final thought. This is either a Cidatel 3 piece with added double tom mount or Londoner with single tom mount added.
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    Rogers Londoner from 1972, any thoughts?

    Description says Londoner with missing 12" tom. Cannot dispute that is possible. The bd tom double tom mount needs replacing. The single tom mount is not original for Londoner configuration and betting it is addition for use with single tom. Some collets are machined replacements for...
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    What would you do?

    Without getting into the relationship questions raised, a 5th wheel means you have a smaller vehicle to drive while the trailer is parked somewhere. A RV means you have to use it to go anywhere at all. Different animal in the long run. As others have said, rent one for long term trip and...
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    EBAY/CL/FACEBOOK/other sites DEAL ALERTS for vintage drums!

    Have no current links. But if the seller is asking you to directly contact them instead of thru ebay - FRAUD. If the seller information is part of a jpeg visual file instead of text (to get around ebay checks) FRAUD.
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    Lug Gaskets- Yes or No

    Doubt is any could be detected by the human ear - especially in a band setting. I used felt gaskets on some drums with actual wood veneer wrap to protect the veneer. Would not bother on any plastic wrap.
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    Floor tom suspension mount

    I used R.I.M.S. mounts for Rogers Memriloc handgng toms. Gauger was very helpful in setting up a plate that had the same hole pattern needed. Contact them and they will likely be able to make a matching plate for your mounts as well
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    Les Paul & Mary Ford hack along

    Fun little diddy, and nice accenting.
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    OT (sort of) - Reverb

    "symbol" of what exactly?
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    OT (sort of) - Reverb

    Even if payment clears Reverb, what do they do if the payment is later refused - typical scam payment system. Are you out the payment or is Reverb responsible since they accepted payment?