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    BRAND NEW Zildjian Ks

    Just out of curiosity, how did you come across all these new cymbals?
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    UPDATE- my order from

    Drummaker sucks. Plain and simple. I will never deal with them again.
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    Looking for value help with Ludwig Vintage Set- Tampa Fl

    Didn't all keystone badge brass supras also have COB hoops? It seems like his hoops are steel.
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    SOLD Gretsch USA Custom Bop Kit 18/14/12

    If you haven't sold the snare yet, I would be interested
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    DW Collectors used price point

    It isn't a bad price, but I'd say it's a bit on the high side. Something in the $2300 range would be where I would start with that kit.
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    Let's See Them Luddy Metal Piccolos!

    I've never seen a standard downbeat like that. Was that a prototype or something?
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    SOLD Ludwig 6.5x14 circa 79 Black Beauty really nice SOLD

    Weren't you just trying to trade a drum set for a black beauty like yesterday? Another thing to consider when purchasing a drum is value retention. Go buy a new Pearl snare and you'll lose 30% or more right off the top. With a mint vintage black beauty like this, it will probably gain value...
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    SOLD $1700$ 1997 DW Short Stack Kit 8,10,12,14,16,22x14 BD,22x8 Woofer

    That kit looks like so much fun. I wish I was local.
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    Show us your prettiest kits.....

    I love the simple class of my iNDE kit
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    Amazon deals thread Decent deal on a 20" Sabian AAX Metal Ride
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    Jazz and China Cymbals

    I bought one of the 22" Crescent Hammertone Chinas (Jeff Hamilton's model). I thought that I would absolutely love it as a trashy, dry ride. Unfortunately, I could never get that cymbal to sound right. I definitely don't have the touch of Jeff, but it was just always too loud, brash and cutting...
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    Is anyone buying or selling now?

    I've had better luck selling on Reverb and Craiglist in the past two months than I think I ever have before. Maybe prices are a bit lower but volume of transactions seems way up.
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    POLL: Sabian Logo Fallout - Still Buying Their Cymbals?

    It's wild to hear all the different opinions on this. I definitely know I'm vain for not purchasing a cymbal, even though I like the way it sounds, because of a logo stamped on it. It boils down to the fact that any cymbals I add to my collection at this point are not essential and fall into...
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    Another which would you keep thread

    I'd list both the Tama and the Ludwig. See which one sells first and keep the other.
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    13" Sabian HH info?

    Out of curiosity, do you know the weights?