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    Worth having 2 kits ?

    My Sonor Delites for home playing My 70s Slingerland to play and admire at home. Homemade maple travel set.
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    Begginer/Intermediate Drum Kits

    What about a 4 piece?
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    Gluing shells together

    These are all good thoughts. I will investigate this a bit more. It’s not out of the question yet. I want to stain it so I’ll have to see how much he grain patter looks. This will be strictly a travel set so sound trumps appearance
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    Gluing shells together

    I know you can, but should you glue two 8x16s to make a 16x16. The 2 halves are available and it is cheaper. Will it sound bad? Silly question but I was just wondering.
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    14x14 or 16x16 Slingerland

    I am putting out an APB on the above size Slingerland toms. 14x14 is preferable. 3ply with rings. Will re wrap in blue agate and add to existing set Thanks I have a 9x13 Slingerland 3ply if anyone is looking
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    Cant we just be drummers

    Well said Sir!
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    In Western NC we have Tulip Poplar trees. We just call them poplar trees . Ya think it’s the same?
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    What about for a floor Tom 16x16
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    Well Well Well. Learn something new every day Drum gear Columbia SC
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    I was looking online for some drum parts and a company was offering ( their words ) a hard wood shell similar to maple. Have you guys ever heard of tulipwood?
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    Tom Assistance - Upgrade or Work With What I've Got?

    Drum Center of Portsmouth had the PDP concept maple for 700 and they gave it stellar reviews
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    Anyone who plays the piano?

    I signed up for Playground Session for 1 month. It was not for me. I am on my 4th private lesson and I am really enjoying it.
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    Novus1 and 2

    Ok guys. I will give it a try . Really hard to see the scratches unless the sun is just right. But I will at least make them shine Thanks
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    Novus1 and 2

    I was going to order some to remove some light scratches on my blue agate Slingerland. The reviews of the product were mixed. Any thoughts about Novus? Thanks Angelo