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    Slingerland parts

    Ace is the place Thanks Rich
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    Slingerland parts

    Hi there everyone I have everything except the hardware to put it on the bass drum. Lowe’s and Home Depot don’t have it. I was hoping someone has them in a shoebox somewhere. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving AZ
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    15 inch Hi-hats

    On a recommendation of an acquaintance who is a pro, I went 16 . It’s different but not bad. Quiet and subtle.
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    Is it a sin?

    Is it a sin to put Tom lugs on a bass drum. If it is, tell me because I’m going to confession Friday anyway AZ
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    Hickory or oak?

    I use the Saul Goodmans for warm ups even though they say warm up with what you play with
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    I Hate Virgin Bass Drums and the Resulting Need for Stand Mounted Toms

    I am adding the single tom mount to my Slingerland set. That is as soon as I can find the nuts and bolts.
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    I'm a Drummer Living in a 500-Square-Foot NYC Apartment

    I applaud your determination. You could go to Nashville. Rent a home outside the city ( or not) and I will guess your QoL will go up while cost of living will move to Nashville Affordable housing No state tax Safer Other drummers live there as well as other musicians Just a suggestion.
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    Possible Vintage Slingerland Drum Set

    I paid 900 for (2) 13x9s / 14x20 / 16x 16 Very clean 3 ply interiors They go BOOM Really sound amazing I really like Slingerland Mid 70’s drums
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    Keep Quiet !!

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    Keep Quiet !!

    No money No crowds
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    Keep Quiet !!

    Auditioned for a Latin / jazz band. Immediately told to LOUD!. Ya know, Joao Gilberto and Jobim stuff. They wanted no Samba BD ostinato. No rim click clave pattern. No HH splash. Just accented 1/8 notes with brushes. So Boring. They advertised for a drummer. When I got the no thanks message, I...
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    Another RCI-Vistalite Build Up

    Looks great
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    70s Slingerland 13x9 Blue Agate for Slingerland floor tom legs

    The Tom is complete and the interior is very clean. I point to a 2 inch tear in the wrap and the white specs ( that do come off. I sent you a pic of the floor tom. It’s a 70s drum and I believe those legs are not original. I am looking for some clean legs (3 ) that were standard issue on a...