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    Twin Cannon drums closed?

    I see there seems to be no website or any activity from Twin Cannon drums. Think they're closed? Although I wont be able to afford their products anytime soon, I was thinking about it.
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    Trying to get a Brady Jarrah type kit built

    That's right Patrick, I believe they were all horizontal, not sure how many ply to diameter tho. They may have used a special method too as all plies going the same way would have structural issues having said that I think original Premier Genista drums are similarly orientated. Never tried...
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    Trying to get a Brady Jarrah type kit built

    I think initially he was famed for solid drums, but he then predominantly made ply and stave drums. There are UK stockist of Jarrah Veneer.
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    Trying to get a Brady Jarrah type kit built

    Thanks, Ill try him, I think I have in the past. Unfortunately, by the time you add shipping in it becomes un-economical. To cost a build, could someone tell me what I'd need to order ply wise for a 20" x 19" uk?
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    Trying to get a Brady Jarrah type kit built

    I'm looking to get a Jarrah ply drum kit of a Brady type construction, Ideally 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 x 19. Does anyone know the ply configurations Brady used?
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    SOLD - Sonor SQ2 bop kit. Bonham , Ringo....they didn't play these.

    Congratulations on the best ad title I've seen.
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    Refinishing a DW Lacquer Sparkle Kit

    Find someone on a builders site that is willing to talk you through the whole process. I'm thinning about re-wrapping my DW in a very difficult multi ply finish, I couldn't possibility buy what I'm hoping to do myself.
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    13" snare drums

    Totally, use a Pork Pie Little Squealer steel chrome 13" X 7", really with a Evans Genera Dry coated snare head you'd never need another snare.
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    Brady snare finish - can anyone explain.

    Yeah, I think I'm just "not getting it". I've seen them sell defective drums once before via Memphis drum shop, so I wondered. But overall I wanted to understand what was going on, I'm still perplexed why you'd make a drum like that, although I'm sure it'll make no difference I'll try it under...
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    Brady snare finish - can anyone explain.

    Thanks It's 2013, and I've not had a chance to hear it correctly yet. The density of the sparkles are low, a finish that seems amount defective to me but maybe my eyes need ajusting. If black flake is ment to have matt dull copper coloured elements then that's what this is. It could...
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    Brady snare finish - can anyone explain.

    It is very low and look close at the second photo, why are there lots of dull spots?
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    Brady snare finish - can anyone explain.

    Just bought a Brady snare second hand in Black Lacquer Sparkle but the sparkles are thin on the ground and beneath the finish there are thousands of dull squares. Can someone please explain, it feels defective? Ps. All pictures are the correct colour. Pps. Is the pictured inconsistency in the...
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    White Suede snare batter?

    OT. How are the Suede heads, can you explain, I'm trying to get away from the plasticy sound of the ec2's
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    Suspended custom pattern within drum finish

    I'm wanting to custom refinish drums with my own design. I'd like this design to be "suspended" within the finish.
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    Drum lug snapped off?

    This was a custom made "Henton" snare. He was not in business for long. What do you mean "if the shell was not finished properly?" Here's the money HOW DO I UPLOAD PHOTOS?