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    Rogers bread & butter lug fix - need pix!!!

    Fantastic, Tommy. Much appreciated. I'll check it out and see how I go.
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    Rogers bread & butter lug fix - need pix!!!

    I've recently acquired a Cleveland Rogers Holiday kit with bread and butter lugs. Unsurprisingly some are cracked...on the bass drum quite a few. Many years ago, before I was a Rogers owner, I would see posts like this one in here and elsewhere about a fix using auto putty and various...
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    Shallow bass drum club

    I have two - one 12" x 18" and another 12" x 20", both Oaklawn badge Camcos...I mix and match the bass drums with the rest of the kit, dependent on the gig....I also have a damaged 16" floor which will shortly become a full-time 12" x 16" bass drum for a very small jazz club thing I do regularly...
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    Wanting to buy Ludwig or similar kit in LA or SF

    I'm making one of my rarer trips from Sydney, Australia to the US west coast, starting on 1 September in San Francisco and returning from Los Angeles on 12 September. I am very keen to buy at least one vintage 50s 60s or early 70s kit with or without a snare drum. I'm also possibly interested...
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    Camco floor tom legs and brackets

    I've just sold a set along with a project kit. To the best of my knowledge no other company used them except very early Zickos who used Camco hardware (a useful trick is to search on ebay for can find Camco hardware for a fraction of the cost). The closest there is these days is...
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    Thinning the herd in SoCal (Sun Diego)

    I'll be in Los Angeles second week of September...if they're still around at that point, I'll be in touch. Intending to pick up then take at least one kit back with me to Australia.
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    camco key (for snare drum holder)

    Keeping mine but just a heads up that Rogers and Duplex (which occasionally came unlogoed) both fit the key holders. I use the "non-brand" stuff on my gigging drums.
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    Camco Oaklawn Logo

    The originals had the logos stencilled - and sometimes not even that well on some of the smaller size heads. I've just gone for a decal on an uncoated head. Apart from you and me, who's gonna know?
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    Basically all that has been said above sums it up (not least about how difficult it is to price something that almost never comes on the market). The inside is also a conundrum though likely a special order. Questions of authenticity become more difficult to refute with Harry Cangany's own book...
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    18 chanute camco floor

    This info is years old but the Hollywood Pro Drum Shop had one (walnut not maple). I remember on a consecutive trips over a couple of years it was always there. A pretty specific add-on. Check with them. It may still be there. Not cheap.
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    Camco numbers. Owners input required.

    Stef/Stedi is still doing stuff - I dropped him a couple of numbers recently via FB Messenger and the Vintage Camco FB site.
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    Camco straight floor tom leg question

    And, just to throw in a little wild card stuff, the notch placements on the 17" wide legs vary.....
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    WANTED: Camco...

    I'm sure you've already thought of this but these are the same as the ones on the currently produced Geo Way kits. I know he's not mad on supplying "spares" but I gather it has happened.
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    Heads up on cheap satin wrap

    The Rowlux stuff should be widely available. It's just Canal Plastics, quirky at the best of times, have chosen not to keep it anymore. When I tried to buy a little more a while back and heard the prices I immediately upped my order. Drop Rowlux a line to hear about retail suppliers.
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    Heads up on cheap satin wrap

    Made it myself just now. Shell from Anderson International Trading, seat is from a vintage (I think no name) throne, wrap was part of a very big roll I got from Canal Plastics in NYC. The hardest part was getting it all shipped to Australia. Still needs a handle but a guitarist pal is donating...