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    DW 9000 pedal issue.

    No problems at all over 10 years with the same pedals
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    Issues at the Open Mike.

    One musician's fun is another musician's frustration. Have the house drummer play with Benny, especially if he/she is paid to support the musicians who come there to play. At least the house drummer gets paid to be frustrated. I think you gave yourself your answer when responding to Ian...
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    Creative ways to practice?

    I have found that playing a "bikini kit" pushes me to get more creative with fills cuz there is so little to work with. You'll know you got it working when you hear people ask, "How does he get all that sound out of two drums?"
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    Going Old School....

    Here is a foundation exercise I share with students who are learning the "Shuffle" Keep the hands loose and get ready for measure 12
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    Tommy Igoe on teaching drums

    The sum of what Tommy said, as I understand it, is that teaching is now about the student instead of the teacher. In the out dated model he mentioned, teachers were the gatekeepers and purveyors of truth: their rule and judgment were absolute, and they were not to be challenged. Music students...
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    How many students do you have, and how much competition?

    I have 19 at a local music lesson studio plus a Jr. High percussion class twice a week. There are a couple of other instructors in town, and one other lesson studio. I do not know their roster counts
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    A different Kind of Grid Groove

    Try this one out when you have a few minutes. I've spent some time playing with this one, and it is inspiring me to explore different ideas. Enjoy...
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    More doom predictions for GC in Forbes

    I like the article's reference to dissatisfied customers because I am one. I usually received poor customer since 2009 while living in Alabama, Texas, and California. I do not care why the customer service is bad. Over three states and six years, it tells me there is a trend that is...
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    Because Neil Peart Lyrics are Incredible!!!

    Anybody know the story behind the "Anagram for Mongo" Lyrics?
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    Because Neil Peart Lyrics are Incredible!!!

    In honor of "The Professor's" 40 year tenure as both drummer and lyricist for Rush... What is your favorite quote from Neil's word contribution to Rush's success over these past 40 (now 41) years? Spirit of the Radio was the first Rush song to catch my attention, then Moving Pictures came...
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    Pop Quiz: Anyone Play with Loose Bass Drum Pedal Springs

    I have noticed that my heels are a lot closer to the boards after I reduced the spring tension. I'll need to scrounge my favorite local drum shop for the PB the next time I am there. Thank you much for the intel
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    Pop Quiz: Anyone Play with Loose Bass Drum Pedal Springs

    How is that Perfect Balance Pedal? And what did you play before? I have not been able to test one out, but definitely want to!!!
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    Band directors vs. the private teacher

    Perhaps the greatest challenge is helping each student understand that there are different ways of teaching good technique, music theory, and musicianship; and to be receptive to learning about the different perspectives as the students develop their own ways of sharing such ideas.
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    Pop Quiz: Anyone Play with Loose Bass Drum Pedal Springs

    I feel I am playing out of the head a lot better now, and that I have more control over the pedals too. I have done the high tension thing for years. I feel a lot more relaxed and loose when playing now too
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    Band directors vs. the private teacher

    Candidly, I have picked up students who became frustrated (or their parents became frustrated) with another private instructor. It does not frustrate me that much. I determine why the student is at our studio and what he or she wants to learn; then plot a course to help him or her achieve...