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    Tuning by ear vs drum dial rant...

    These threads pop up regularly and there are a lot of the same misconceptions and assumptions made, and your rant is no different. Assumption #1 - You are either totally for or totally against the Drum Dial - you can't be both! As you can see, there are plenty of drummers here that own one that...
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    How Would Modern Technology Shape You as a Drummer?

    Access to more information and choices is always more, but it's not always better. Or, putting it another way, being more informed is not the same as being better informed. For a young player just starting out it's the musical equivalent of winning the lottery. The answers to all of their...
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    Ludwig Breakbeats

    I have that same set. I did a trade for it, and I would gig with it. It did have a few quality control problems, mainly with the tension rods. When I got the snare drum, 2 of the tension rods were so jammed in place that I had to remove the heads and lugs and cut the tension rods with a hacksaw...
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    Let's Talk About Big Drummers

    Michael Bland, drummer for Prince and Soul Asylum. One of the nicest guys ever. I worry about him. He used to stay on stage on his throne because it was difficult to get up and down.
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    Taye drum specs?

    I sold a decent amount of Taye drums about the time those were made. I talked to my sales rep at Taye and I think those were drums made by another company for them because they were looking for a less expensive entry level kit than what they were making themselves, and it was cheaper to buy them...
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    Taye drum specs?

    That might have been a $299 kit including hardware and cheap cymbals when new. I wouldn't offer any more than $150. Frankly, I would put that money towards a kit the next level up. I think that line is a stencil kit made for Taye rather than by them.
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    Taye drum specs?

    Those look like the Orbitone series. Entry level drums. OK but nothing to get excited about.
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    Can you play a roll (and how important are they)?

    The difference is that the double stroke roll, even with forearm pumping, utilizes much more wrist and fingers than the technique for a closed roll. Still two different techniques.
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    Taye drum specs?

    I know Taye drums pretty well, but without a pic it's pretty hard to say. They had quite a few lines that used the same lugs.
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    1920s tension rods?

    I've got a couple of Ludwig snares from that era and modern tension rods fit just fine. Are you looking for rods from that era? What length, and are they nickel plated rather than chrome?
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    Apologize for using an inappropriate word in my OT parents thread...

    So do you think we should be permitted here to refer to African Americans using the N word and gay men as f*@@$ts? Frank would seem to think so, if you're going to use him as your authority.
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    1920s Tension Rods?

    You might want to post this in the vintage section.
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    Can you play a roll (and how important are they)?

    A teacher I studied with really opened my eyes with her approach to open and closed rolls - that they are two mostly separate techniques. The closed roll is not a continuation of, or the next step in learning the open roll. She taught that the open roll is primarily wrist and fingers with very...
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    Sticks-do you break them?

    Equating the number of sticks you've broken to your credibility as a drummer went out in the 70's. Good riddance.
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    Apologize for using an inappropriate word in my OT parents thread...

    Let me put it this way - if you had posted it as a poll, it would have been 100% in your favor.