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    Sold - 24” 3rd & 4th (Ludwig) Kick - Blue Sparkle

    I believe in early to mid 50's, a 20" kit usually had an 8x12 (or 9x13?) and a 12x14, which did not have legs, but same diamond spade mount as mounted tom, but attached with the count that clamps to the bass drum hoop.
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    Suspect Slingerland Kit

    He was asking 10,000 in previous listing, description was all about being Gene Krupas kit, unlike the current listing...
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    WFL -> Ludwig

    Lets just agree that, much like a rose would still smell as sweet by any other name, a drum made by William Ludwig, Senior, Junior, or the 3rd (B3 to some) is still a Ludwig drum no matter the company or badge name/branding. (dont ask me about modern Ludwig drums, made in a company with no one...
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    Stop Saying "Internet Drummers" Aren't "Real Drummers"

    Im 50 years old (everything sounds more prominent when you state your old age). I was surprised years ago at the amount of "drum cover" vids on youtube, but there have always been drummers who played at home for fun and recreation, even before the internet. I didn't "get it" (understand), but...
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    Sold - 24” 3rd & 4th (Ludwig) Kick - Blue Sparkle

    Nice kit....just have WFL and transition badges on that kit? I aquired a WFL 14x20, 12x14 with a 16x16 trans badge floor tom (which I sold), the floor tom was "sparkle" wrap (same size/shape particles on a black backing) whereas the other WFL drums were glass glitter (random...
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    What are you using to weigh cymbals?

    My first small one was plastic, but this Mainstays (Walmart brand) has glass surface and touch sensitive buttons (cheaper plastic have manual buttons which wore out before the rest of the scale gave out). For a cheap one, this scale has been ok, but dont expect a $15 scale to last for many...
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    Slingerland Kit age.

    pretty obvious refinished when can see inside lip of badge grommet has been removed and reinstalled, so could be someone bought badges for newer kit, but most likely these are 5 ply shells. If they are not 5 ply, and indeed 3 ply WITHOUT reinforcement rings, then indeed 80's era...not bad...
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    Vintage Cymbal Snap is Back

    Yep, just saw on facebook, understand if cant name retailers or sites to order them, but im not finding ANY way to buy these. Not even a list of retailers on the website (only info on how to become a retailer). It seems "are these available" is a legitimate question...if no one is able to buy...
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    ----SOLD----Ludwig double bass drum pedal, $80!!!

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    ----SOLD---(not here) please delete

    SOLD locally, please delete
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    ----SOLD----Ludwig double bass drum pedal, $80!!!

    Ludwig double bass drum pedal, dual chain drive, very clean/no issues. $80 plus shipping, send zip code for ship cost if interested.
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    ----SOLD---(not here) please delete

    LP Deluxe Black Beauty cowbell LP240B, hi-pitch Jam Block (LP1205), and a bass drum hoop mount post. Both in near new condition, no dents or dings or rust on the bell. $50 plus shipping for all 3 pieces (the cowbell is typically that much new price). Paypal accepted, send zip for ship cost if...
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    Slingerland Snare De-wrap?

    +1 on that! the pencil mark is likely factory, even if beds were recut.
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    Is Ludwig's L.A. Tattooist Kit the Most Regrettable Signature Snare/Drum Set of All Time?

    I dont see the draw or the connection either.
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    --SOLD (LOCALLY)--Ludwig Black Galaxy Acrolite (blackrolite) with/without case/stand

    PRICE DROP, $175 plus actual ship cost, with or without stand/case.