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    RIP Jimmy Cobb

    Thank you Mr. Cobb for teaching us so much through “Kind of Blue.”
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    16” bass drum added to Slingerland

    Very cool. I dig that you have used a slingerland kit for 40 years!! They look killer and that new 16” is indeed easier to load in. I just used my slingerland 16” converted floor tom as a bass drum for polka/german gigs, and it is really easy to load. sounds fine too.
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    Has anyone bought any B-stock drums and is it worth it?

    Bought an original run of Tama Starclassic Birch drums when they first came out for a killer deal. They definitely had some scratches on them, but sounded and still looked incredible.
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    People still selling (and buying) gear?

    May be buying a student kit from ebay for kid.
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    Issues with Ludwig Atlas Mounts - anyone else?

    The sleeves drive me nuts on gigs.
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    Let's discuss Bill Ward

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    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    I'm also NOT fond of bass drums of so many lines in the 18" depth. I can dig 16", but prefer 14" for the simple reason that it fits easiest in my car. Wouldn't 14" depths on bass drums be a little cheaper for the companies in production costs? Huge issue for me with current lines of drums today.
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    Stage Customs

    I love the stage customs. My ONLY hang-up with this line and MANY other current lines of drums today is the 17-18" depth on bass drums. This is THE reason from keeping me from buying anything these days. Wish they were made in 14" depths. Besides that, I would recommend these drums to any...
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    What drum hardware have you been surprised by?

    a sunlite straight cymbal stand i bought about 20 years ago. it has been on every gig since i bought it, and it is super light/thin.
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    Beater Patch Recommendations?

    Try cutting a circle from an old drumhead. You can determine the thickness by adding layers. Use packing tape for short-term use, super glue for long-term use.
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    A BD Pedal Question

    whoa. that looks killer! if i needed a new pedal, THAT is what i would buy. actually, I would buy 3 and still pay less than an average big-name brand
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    Do “new old stock” drum heads expire?

    They do not expire. Keep them for later use.
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    Pandemic recording setups? Show ‘em here

    Using my phone to record my progress on Latin/Afro cuban beats: Samba, Mozambique, Cha Cha, Mambo, Songo, and Salsa from Tommy Igoe’s Groove Essentials.
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    What drums are you not fond of? A silly thread!!!

    Any drumset or hardware that is too heavy/bulky. I love DW drums/hardware, but a lot of their stuff is too heavy.
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    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    I change heads only when they break or can’t hold a decent tuning. This has allowed me to save tons of money to spend on method books, instructional dvds, and a small PA for various bands I play in. Don’t buy into the marketing that you need to change heads monthly, yearly, etc.