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    Me knew Gretsch custom kit

    I am a wmp guy too. I love your drums! what styles do you plan on playing with this beautiful kit?
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    Two shell banks instead of eight different kits?

    I LOVE having a shell bank....of sorts. I have an 8” mapex maple tom, 10” gretsch catalina maple tom, premier maple kit(12,14,18bd), slingerland kit(13,16,22bd), 13” pearl export converted floor tom, and a precision-made 20” bd. All in some sort of white marine pearl. 3 different snares(black...
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    Two Toms or One Tom Up

    one up, one down. mimics bongos or congas for afro-cuban, latin beats. and it is easier for me to carry around
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    Do you ever use a played-in head as a reso?

    I use old heads as resos for most kits i have flipped. When tuned with clear pinstripe batters, they sound great!
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    Anybody Play Super Cheap Drums?

    Thanks! The cymbals were all purchased brand new years ago though. I just cant justify bringing a $1,000 snare and kit out anymore.
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    Anybody Play Super Cheap Drums?

    For oktoberfest/german/polka gigs, i use a 3 piece: 16” pearl forum floortom converted bass drum, export wood snare,export 13” floor tom converted. all 3 cost less than $50 even after rewrapping the 13. Super easy set-up.
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    Classic British Vintage Kits?

    I LOVE my Premier maple 2003 kit. A true quality instrument that is in line with all top brands.
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    RIMS question

    Somebody told me they become speed holes once the RIMS mount is installed. I think they help you play faster. Just kidding. They don’t affect the sound in my experience of installing a RIMS mount on a vintage slingerland tom.
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    Gretsch Black Hawk kit/Price check please

    man, id say $75 tops. i offered $50 once and got the same exact kit. flipped it, but some used pinstripes i threw on them opened the drums up nicely.
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    Drummers today that still play large kits.

    I would love the simon phillips setup, but my back is telling me a different story this year. One day, i would love to play a giant setup for some rock gigs.
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    When (and why) did the 8 inch tom fall out of favor??

    i used to think am 8” was not worth it until i scooped one up on ebay for $20. every now and then, i use it for soul/rock gigs as it tunes down nicely. this allows me to hit much harder without as much volume.
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    Show us your well worn or road worn or weathered gear

    Here is an older ambassador drum head on my 13” floor tom. I dont plan on changing it until it breaks or cant be tuned anymore.
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    DW or Tama throne ?

    The DW screws do not come as loose where you have to hand tighten them each time. The Tama screws actually strip out on my first chair to the point where i have to replace them every year. Had me tightening forever it seemed like until I figured out the problem.
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    Road Trip = Fall/Winter project - Pearl Fiberglass Kit

    That steel snare is a hidden gem. I had one for a while before flipping it with a kit. They sound as good as the older Yamaha Steel Stage Custom snares i rave about.
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    DW or Tama throne ?

    Im more of a Tama guy, but would say the DW in this case is my recommendation.