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    Bearing edge experiments (and other things)

    Sounds like a great idea! I love the idea of having drums that are capable of being in my garage or car at all times, no worries about temperature or humidity. I just think of an hour trip in my car this summer to set up and play 3 hours outside, then back in the car for the ride home. This...
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    Sarah Thawer

    LOVE her! Her chops and dynamics mixed with Indian/ragas/odd time rhythms really drew me into her. A good person too.
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    David Robinson (the cars) COW slingerland kit

    My rock band, the shaykz, https://m.facebook.com/102154301972153/, does “You’re All I’ve Got Tonight” and a few others by The Cars. Underrated band and drummer!
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    Does it matter what you hit as long as you have groove?

    Minus any living entities, I think one groovy drummer can make anything sound good.
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    11" rack tom?

    yeah, next thing you know drum companies will make 18” deep bass drums. oh wait.
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    Cutting down a 22" x 18" bass to a 14" depth.

    Nice work! I wish all drum companies would see this thread. Bring back 14” bass drum depths as standard options. Haven’t bought any new kit for this exact reason.
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    Cleaning up old Tama snare

    Killer job and nice snare. I used one for 4 years for practicing on.
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    Are sales of used just slow or...?

    Hard to resell 18” deep bass drums too.
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    How does one make thick shells?

    This sounds great! Have any pics? Would love to see your work
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    Side snare to the third power

    And at least you have a back-up to your back-up to your back-up snare
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    Steve Maxwell's Snare Wire Shootout

    Hard to tell major differences in my opinion. Luckily, I have been given a bunch of gibralter snares a few years ago.
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    OT: Hobbies beyond the drums

    Reading, gardening, r/c cars, some video gamez, writing original songs, recording them, and learning Logic Pro.
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    Audix D6

    I use mine at most of our rock gigs
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    Top Drummers Who Perform Wearing a Hat

    I do when I play for toddlers in my band Tottunes+ https://m.facebook.com/TotTunesPlus/