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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    My maple kit is candy apple red... Nothing beats the look of a red kit on stage in my opinion!
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    1%'er MC club gig

    Years ago in the early 80s we were playing a pretty heavy biker bar in the Phoenix area. We preferred playing some of those clubs over the yuppy Scottsdale area bars, because they weren't threatened by us I guess. The Yuppy bars, everyone acted arrogantly and like we were there to steal their...
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    What classic lugs were on the Ludwig accent cs custom

    Good luck to you, I know this stuff is a pain in the rear to fix. Out of curiosity let us know how soon you can get one. Supply chain being what it is nowadays. I am interested how long it will take to get another one. I'm going to have to wait 6 to 8 weeks for two 8mm Gretsch wing screws I...
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    What classic lugs were on the Ludwig accent cs custom

    If it were me, I would take a Dremel tool with a cut off wheel and turn the RPM down to as slow as it will go. carefully cut a slot in the broken screw in the lug so that a small screw driver will fit in the slot and carefully back the broken screw piece out of the lug. If you work carefully you...
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    Let’s see your Band’s bass drum logo head

    Really tastefully done! looks great!
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    What is this drum? ID help, pleeeez

    I saw they were on a field snare drum... sorry for jumping the gun. I would love some bass drum claws in that same design though. They are really cool in my opinion.
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    What is this drum? ID help, pleeeez

    Those bass drum claws are really cool looking? What manufacturer are those? Those bass drum claws are beautiful! Who is the manufacturer of those? If I missed them in a prior post I apologize...
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    Drum Confessions Thread

    Me either!
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    Good roundover bit for cutting bearing edges

    Good information to know!
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    Trying To Recreate Gretsch's "Silver Sealer"

    That made me laugh!
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    How do you think?

    I guess you would say I think in pictures. Really for me it is visualizing patterns in my head as I learn a piece of music. It seems to move along like a ticker tape as I move through the song. I don't read music so it isn't written music that moves through my brain but more of a graph if you...
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    Revoke my membership to this forum forthwith!

    Get a rope!
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    I purchase a lot of ebay but rarely from individual auctions anymore.
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    I would have countered at $4 and so on down to the penny just to show how stupid he was being! I mean seriously!
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    Wet sanding wrapped shells

    I haven't wet sanded drum wraps however I have wet sanded a lot of plastic car interior parts and lenses and such. I have also restored scratched plexi glass drum shields. I started with 800 grit wet and dry paper and worked up to 1000 grit then to 1200 grit and then 2000 all the way up to 3000...