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    Roland TD-17 pad triggering issue

    First step is switching it with tom 2, for example. If the pad continues to fail, it is a pad problem. If the previously working tom 2 pad does not work as a floor tom, then it is a wire or module problem. Start there. If you let me know how it goes, I can keep advising you.
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    TD30 seems in short supply

    I agree that the 50 was not compelling enough to warrant an upgrade from the 30. I also feel that the 50X is a huge leap forward and completely buries the original 50 and 30, especially now with the new VH14D. I was never super happy with the expansion kits because I play mostly metal and this...
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    TD30 seems in short supply

    They have lost so much value here. I regularly sell them now for 29,900 baht, which is under 1000 USD in perfect condition. I still love this module.
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    Roland Made in Malaysia Cymbal Issues

    Thanks for adding to the thread. Happy that you are not having any issues. That's awesome! The goal here is simply to collect as much data as possible to present to the company in the hope that it will provoke positive action.
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    Roland Made in Malaysia Cymbal Issues

    Hi everyone and thanks for the welcome to this forum. Apologies to any member who has already discussed this with me on another I own Bangkok Drum. I buy and sell second hand Roland kits for the past 6 years, as my primary business model. Lots and lots of lots of kits... Anyway...
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    DTX8 first impressions

    Enjoy the kit. The module is definitely the strong point! You could always pick up a cheap Roland rack on Ebay. They are much more solid, especially the clamps.