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    Anyone no this member?

    Posted about looking for a dw top and got this message. This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten a message from a “new member on here” to me it seems like spam so figure I’ll ask.
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    Does anyone know the model number for this Yamaha hi-hat stand?

    Not sure but I had one for years and it was always my favorite
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    Dw cymbal arm top

    Looking for the part that has the actual cymbal post. Got this one in a trade and someone cut the top post off. It’s the older style.
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    Copying is a good thing tho not everyone is gonna like the og clap stack from agop and prefer insert favorite company. Zildjian just hasn’t been all that innovative in the recent years. Sure the special dry line and efx lines have grown but when was the last time that they came up with a new...
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    New Radio King prototypes

    Those look amazing I bet they sound just as good.
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    A list of all drum shops in the US. How many have you been to?

    Chicago drum exchange. Drum pad in Palatine before they closed.
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    Take for instance I recently bought 2 Sabian 18” b8 crash rides. I then put them on my lathe, shave some weight off (not super thin) and then I hammer. Sometimes I’ll quench them but lately just the and hammer. I use them love with my sweet ride and they sound pretty good together I stopped...
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    I agree I think b8 is a untapped great allot for cymbals. Right now I love buying Sabian b8 for cheap and reworking them into something I like. So maybe no one less wanting further the b8 they will stay cheap. But I would sure love to see a zildjian b8 go through a process the kcon goes through...
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    Yes I know they use b8 I love them and rework them. I’m saying put them through a process like the would a higher end cymbal. Lance Campeau does it with amazing results
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    Paul Francis left Zildjian?

    B8 is a great alloy. Look what paiste has done. Wish zildjian and Sabian would experiment with it. I do know you can send any Sabian cymbal into them and pay to have it customized.
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    Drummer autographs

    I have Travis barkers autograph Todd sucherman bun e Carlos mike mangini and then a bunch from a lot of punk rock bands
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    What's your latest drum purchase?

    Picked these up yesterday for 100$ Ddrum birch hybrid. Came with a few zildjian zht cymbals (which I love reworking cheaper b8) stands sticks pedals throne cowbell. And a tama birch super star snare Not bad for 100$ has some scratches but it’ll be the gig kit for now.
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    Transporting your throne

    Mine goes into a pillow case and then upside down on top of my cables in my small flight case
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    GOATS - Greatest Drummers of All Time, As Voted By You

    No I think he’s a goat by the fact he has contributed to the drum community with his amazing clinics. His solo records, his extensive studio work for a million other bands outside of styx his drumming is great. I’m a huge Taylor Hawkins and foo fighters fan but don’t ness think he should be on...
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    GOATS - Greatest Drummers of All Time, As Voted By You

    Todd sucherman Styx drummer