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    OT: Record players - advice needed

    If I were in the market for a turntable I would be looking used on eBay, Audiogon or Audiokarma....and check reviews. You can get some pretty nice used turntables for great prices. Just my humble opinion.
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    50 and 50!!

    Happy Birthday buddy!!! Glad you had a great day!!
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    OT: LEAST favorite Christmas song!

    x1 million
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    NKD: 1969 Ludwig Bonham Kit - Updated Correct BD Logo

    Man....not to derail the thread of the incredibly nice Black Diamond Pearls...but Bill those Thermo's are my dream kit.... I have two Bonham kits from the early 70's...One Black Oyster and one Black Panther, but the Thermos are a huge want.
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    NKD: 1969 Ludwig Bonham Kit - Updated Correct BD Logo

    Wow...that is great. I have a 71 Bonham kit that is my favorite of all time...I love a 26"...Very cool on the Keystones!! Congrats
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    I got to sit about 6 feet away from Brian Blade last night...

    Very cool, wish i was there....a pair of hats and one cymbal.....very cool
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    Original or reissue citrus mod

    Wow, is right Mike. Funny how he says collectors make him sick....probably because we ruin his sales for him. He mentions he's no stranger to working on drums. I'm sure he knows exactly what he's doing and hoping someone snags them before we "sickening collectors" spread the word.
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    Original or reissue citrus mod

    and that badge number doesn't correspond to when citrus mod was available That's a late 64' badge....pre-citrus
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    Original or reissue citrus mod

    i'm positive
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    Original or reissue citrus mod

    yea, new
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    MF giving away Yamaha hardware!

    man, that is a great price...I love Yamaha hardware too.....
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    Bigger Backing Plate for 70's Thin Curved Spurs

    I have an early 70's 26" bass drum with the small diameter archers spurs. The backing plate is just a small rectangle of metal. Has anyone installed a bigger backing plate? I'm looking to do it on both spurs as one of them pushed through a little at one time. Does anyone have any pictures or...
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    I'm #1 on iTunes...

    That's awesome!!! Congrats!
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    Official Yamaha Drums Thread

    Here is some of my Tour Custom Cobalts...22,10,12,14,16....That 14x14 took me a while to find. I have another 8 Cobalt drums in different sizes for different situations. I found NOS Yamaha logo'd pinstripes on Ebay so I put those on. I also found the same NOS heads in clear ambassadors which...
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    ot: KANSAS documentary

    I always say whenever asked, what my favorite concert was and it was Kansas...funny, because they are not my favorite band. I had the opportunity to see them with a friend in the 80's at the Orpheum in Boston. I remember, no one stood up...everyone sat down through the whole show, till the...