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    Gorilla Glue...actually not off topic....Fun fact.

    Glad to see that members care about language and grammar!
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    Yamaha using grosgrain ribbon on their lower line snares

    Yes. It's the width that fits.
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    Ringo Starr

    I'm a lefty playing righty. Generally, left handed people are left footed, and left eyed, too.
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    Change My Mind - Paying $2K for Lessons Beats a New Drum Kit

    I agree that lessons and practice are usually better ways to spend one's money and time than on gear, if one has a decent kit suitable for one's needs.
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    What drum hardware have you been surprised by?

    I have always disliked the 9000 DW snare stands. They are heavy, bulky, and inelegantly designed. If not set up carefully they will tip over! Compare this to the Yamaha ball mount snare stand. The only one I ever use now.
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    The "Obscure or little known drum stuff" thread!

    1. Nomo finish protectors I use them and they work well to prevent drums from rubbing against one another and marring the finish. 2. RokTempo these are like the Tempo Ref/Beat Bugs, but are far more sensitive, and have more features. I used the mini...
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    drum throne recommendations/questions.

    The Soundseat! Surprised it's not been mentioned yet.
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    Quick tip: Stop losing Cymbal Felts

    Since we have so much time I thought of a quick tip to save time and stop losing cymbal felts. Simply glue the felt to a cymbal topper like the Tama. Same for hi hat clutches
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    New Product That Monitors Your Tempo

    I have been a long time user of the now discontinued Tempo Ref. When I heard about the Rok Tempo, I ordered one and was very pleased, so I ordered a 2d one for back up. I have a suggestion- please shorten the function knob 'tower.' I believe it could be substantially flattened down so that it...
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    Why you shouldn't do $100 gigs....

    If one enjoys playing, the gig is music one likes, the distance is not too far, the other players are good, then one can accept $100 gigs (or even less). From my point of view, it's $100 more than I would have had if I stayed home.
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    New kit just landed

    Gorgeous drums! Congratulations!
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    New Product That Monitors Your Tempo

    Use Tempo Ref, ordered this to compare.
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    Powerstroke 3 vs Ambassador Resonant Bass Drum Head

    I think you should reverse the heads: Powerstroke 3 as batter, and coated Emperor tuned a little higher, as resonant front head, no port.
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    yet ANOTHER laughable greatest list

    This is my avatar!