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    6" 4-Hole Gretsch Die Cast Hoop

    I've dealt with this ebay seller in the past and the transaction did not go well
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    For sale: SKB hard case

    Looks like it might be a 10X14 Tom case?
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    Not loving playing drums now.

    I feel the same about Blues bands, and the redundant 1-4-5 progressions, which after awhile bore me. I made a promise to myself that if I'm not having fun I'm not going to do it anymore. However, when I listen to cats like Tommy Emmanuel play, it lifts my spirit...listen to this and you tell me...
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    SOLD Dunnett R2 Snare Strainer and Trick Butt Plate

    Sale Pending
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    6" 4-Hole Gretsch Die Cast Hoop

    Still looking for the elusive 6" - 4 lug die cast Gretsch hoop
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    Ludwig Rocker Blue Sparkle 14" & 15" Hanging Toms

    Bump Need to clear these out to free up some space. If you can use them make an offer
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    K Constantinople Flat Ride

    Looking for a K Constantinople flat ride. I've only seen them at 20", but a 22' (if they exist) would be of interest as well. Thanks, Billster
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    Vintage Ludwig Supraphonic Snare 6 1/2 x 14

    After looking closely at the photos, this drum was originally a Super Sensitive, as evidenced by the open holes in the shell where the strainer rod was previously located, and both interior backing plates from the Super Sensitive mechanism are still present. And if you look closely at these open...
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    DW Collectors 10+6 maple 5.5x14 snare

    I agree, $395 shipped is a solid deal. GLWS
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    Cleaning out the stick bag

    PM sent
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    6" 4-Hole Gretsch Die Cast Hoop

    Still looking for one 6", 4 lug, Gretsch die cast hoop
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