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    New Track

    Thanks David!
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    New Track

    I thought some of you might enjoy this.
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    Let’s hear your band!

    Here's something my band recently did. It's a totally homemade recording and video. The BD and Toms are the keyboard player's Sonor Force 3000 drums that are in his basement/studio. Billy G.
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    This pic was taken backstage prior to going on to open for The Miles Electric Band at the Rochester International Jazz Festival.
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    Let’s hear your band!

    Hey Bob - here's one (not my band but an artist that I'm working with) that has my DW drums on it. Billy G.
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    Should you ever replace your reso heads?

    Looks like I'm going to be the odd man out here. The short answer is "yes" (IMO) - you should change your reso heads. For me, I notice a much more even tone and ease of tuning with fresh reso heads. So, I change mine 3 or 4 times a year. Billy G.
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    Let’s hear your band!

    Thanks for listening Bob. Actually these tracks were recorded in our keyboard players basement studio and I played his very old Premier drums with close-to-dead heads on them - which is why the toms sound a bit high-pitched and flappy (IMO). We did the tracks live, with the exception of the...
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    Better To Speed Up Than Slow Down?

    IMO Live BPM, or any other tempo tracking devices, are learning tools. My thoughts are that you should do your learning when you practice - not on a live gig. Using a metronome/click-track consistently while you practice (different than rehearsing with a band) will help you lock in your internal...
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    Let’s hear your band!

    Here are a few that some of you might enjoy:
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    OT: my mom lost her battle with cancer

    I'm sorry to hear of your loss, Paul.
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    PRICE LOWERED - Dunnett 6.5x14 Aluminum 2N Modeling Snare - MINT!

    I'm selling one of my 6.5x14 2N Aluminum Modeling snare drums (I have two). This is a fantastic drum and is in MINT condition with only a few stick marks on the original batter head. These drums sell for $795 at Sweetwater, Memphis Drum Shop, eBay, etc. Click here for the listing on...
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    Helensson ITM2 Internal Trigger Module

    I thought I'd share this with all of you eDrum enthusiasts. I just turned my old TrueTone snare drum (from the 1st drum set I ever got when I was in 6th grade) into a very nice trigger pad using a Helensson ITM2 Trigger Module and a mesh head. It responds great and the Helensson has built in...
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    It's Now Officially Doctor Steve Gadd

    I was at the concert on Friday. Both Steve and Chick were given honorary doctorate degrees. After he was given the degree, Steve was so overwhelmed, he found it difficult to talk. The concert that followed was incredible. Billy G.
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    Top ten snare drums revisited

    If you want a 6.5" Aluminum 8-lugger get either a George Way Aero or (if you want the center bead) a Dunnett 2N Aluminum. I have both and they are great sounding drums. Billy G.
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    Model 2N-MA CR

    The 2N Aluminum is a great sounding snare drum. Billy G.