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    Favorite Hihat

    Ty for all the responses everyone! Keep 'em coming!
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    The perfect SPLASH

    honestly, one of my favorite splashes has got to be a 10" PST5. It's cheep, easily replacable, and above all, sounds crisp and beautiful. Then again, what's right to my ears may not be right to yours so go with your gut. just thought i put in a plug for my fav :)
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    How many cymbals per set up do you use?

    from l to r hats crash splash ride larger crash Sometimes i add a small china after that
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    Do you mix/reverse your hats?

    Honestly, if you take zildj zbt hats and reverse them, they dont sound to bad. right now I use Apx 13" hats right side up but i used to use flipped cymbals
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    Sizzle Cymbal Question

    do the easy thing, find a ride you like, by some small beaded chain from home depot, tape it to your cymbal felt and hav fun!
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    What hats does taylor hawkins use

    anybody what hats taylor hawkins uses? Specifically on echoes silence patience and grace. Ty!
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    Your opinion: Guitar Center vs. local drum shops

    I love going to GC to try things out but i always have my local drum shop order it. Supporting local business is important in this day and age and youll probably get a better price at a local shop. nuthin against GC but i like my home town music shop. p.s. Im in SC so i only have 2 GC's anyway...
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    OT: Windows XP and Service Pack 3

    buy a mac, thats all im gonna say, xp's not bad but vista should be considered a crime.
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    don't look at this its pointless im sry

    sry, i needed to transfer this article from one comp to another and i didnt have email or a flash drive. sry for the fuss
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    don't look at this its pointless im sry

    “Killer Milk” A Dutch dairy company, which has outsourced some of its manufacturing to Honk Kong, has recently recalled all of its recently manufactured plastic bottled milk. The milk has been found to contain melamine. Melamine is a chemical used in plastic resin, glue, fertilizer, some...
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    Favorite Hihat

    Pretty simple. whats your all time favorite hihat cymbal(s). I'll start: A custom mastesrsounds.
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    Remo Suede Heads

    Suede ambassadors are great. I like them on 12 and 13 inch toms on my pearl vision. Their a perfect cross between coateds and clears. totally awesome heads!
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    Whats one of your favorite recorded cymbal sounds in a song?

    Pearts cymbals in Moving pictures gets my vote too. especially the intro to yyz. Its so eery but so musical!
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    HELP!! Tama Superstar vs. Pearl vision

    dont worry bout it I have been researching for a while. I have tried out the pearl kits a bunch and i like them. My local music store doesnt have the tama kit and when i went to gc they were out of tamas. I am leaning towards the pearl just from the quality and customer service. But i like the...
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    HELP!! Tama Superstar vs. Pearl vision

    Im tryin to decide on a new drum kit. My price range is about $900. I already have cymbals and im tryin to decide between tama superstar and pearl vision. I really like loud attack and a not-to-long sustain in my drums. what do you think? :?